Thesys CAT Expands Management


The Plan Processor for the SEC’s Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT), Thesys CAT has appointed appointment of Andre Frank as president of Thesys CAT, effective January 1, 2018.

The newly created position was added to provide additional leadership and resources for the build and operations of the CAT. This position will report to Mike Beller as part of the Thesys Technologies CAT Advisory Committee. Frank was most recently the chief operations officer at Thesys Technologies.

Additionally, Thesys announced that Thaddeus Covert, currently chief technology officer for Thesys Technologies, will officially become CTO for Thesys CAT, effective January 1, 2018. Covert has been a part of the CAT bid and oversaw the build and technology operations for Thesys CAT. His shift to CTO at Thesys CAT will let him to focus solely on the CAT technology for both the build and operational phase of the CAT.

Thesys Technologies also recently appointed Ali Hackett as its chief revenue officer. She will assume the product development aspect of Frank’s role and business operations in addition to her sales, strategy and organizational growth responsibilities. Other key roles will be added at Thesys Technologies along with an Office of the CTO, which was established during this transition and will report to CEO Mike Beller.

Beller will continue to serve in his capacity as CEO of Thesys Technologies and will continue to provide strategic advice and oversight for Thesys CAT as the head of the Thesys Technologies CAT Advisory Committee.

“The executive transfers of Andre Frank and Thaddeus Covert from Thesys Tech to Thesys CAT are both strategic and natural moves,” noted Beller. “Both Andre and Thaddeus were instrumental in the win for the SEC’s CAT initiative and in growing our financial big data business while executing on the Thesys market structure technology vision. We are certain these management adjustments will continue to lead us on a successful path while we pursue our strategic growth plans at Thesys Tech. Ali’s addition to the team has brought a level of sophistication across a number of critical business initiatives including sales, marketing, and product management, which has already impacted our business. We are confident these management changes will strengthen our organization.”

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