Transaction Data Meets the Gig Economy?


By Ian Salmon, Director, IgniteG2M Ltd

Ian Salmon, Accedian

Ian Salmon, IgniteG2M

The pace of life has quickened. Technology has encouraged and enabled an ‘app’ and ‘gig’ mentality – activities that previously relied upon a heavy infrastructure-based service model have become agile, more efficient.

At the cost of reliability or robustness? No, not necessarily. Just a paradigm shift … of control towards the consumer.

The same could be said of Enterprise Data Management – it too is being driven by the need for agility and extensibility, and yes, the new generation is smarter than ‘big data’…

All change and no change

One only has to glance at the institutional regulatory environment to see that things are changing dramatically in the world of data consumption and management. Risk, reporting and governance regulations continue to be mandated thick ‘n’ fast. Their reach, too, is broader than ever before – across more market players, more asset classes, and requiring more data points. But one thing remains constant – institutions must apply the same principles of timeliness, completeness and accuracy to their data in this ever changing environment.

Take Transaction Reporting as an example. Seemingly straightforward, the data requirement will ramp exponentially, as will the complexity from January 2018, as EMIR extends into MiFIR on a collision course with its unlikely bedfellow GDPR. The result – the need for a heady mix of 65 fields of transaction and personal information including National Insurance Number and Date of Birth. To approach this by creating a single golden-copy of such proportions and sensitivity requires a rethink.

Think ‘consumer’ for a moment – tapping in to already cleansed, normalised and resilient but disparate data sources doesn’t necessarily require the creation of yet another store. Provided your data management capability is smart enough to uphold those golden rules of data integrity – timeliness, accuracy and completeness – and by incorporating its own workflow, exception management and reconciliations on-the-fly.

The new generation of EDM tools isn’t about building another behemoth, it’s about smart-data-management. Here at Misato we consume only the data we need from multiple in-situ sources into our next generation SDM DataHub, where it’s staged and prepared under audit, casting aside the rigidity and brittleness of monolithic database architectures in favour of flexible but robust and industrialised data preparation.

Like our fast-evolving retail experience – now you can have your data served up in a far more agile way – with the focus on the consumer…. What I want, when I want it.


IgniteG2M is an outsourced business-development advisory firm, working on behalf of Misato Ltd., a new technology data management application designed to provide financial organisations with a platform for better control, flexibility and usage of all their data.

The Misato Data Hub (MDH) is an internet-scale toolkit that integrates data from disparate systems for consumption by any system to meet a specific requirement. MDH enables business users to blend operational data with market data by embedding the business logic inside a rules engine, for high quality data output within a controlled risk-free environment.

For more information, please contact Andrew Hawa on 020 3870 3232 or at andrew@misatosystems.com

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