Trendrating Boosts Performance Management System


Trendrating Releases Updated Version With Enhanced Investment Performance Management Tools

Early identification of trends and adapts to market volatility to provide stability and greater profitability – Bolstered current Security Analysis module with additional functionality – Portfolio Analysis supports historical calculations 

Trendrating, the leading provider of momentum investment models and technology, today announced the release of version 1.7.0 of its performance management system. New features include automated investment selection tools as well as historical portfolio performance metrics. The addition of these key features will empower portfolio managers with alternative investment ideas and advanced analytics designed to facilitate a better risk/reward profile.

In Trendrating’s version 1.7.0, our Smart Momentum Model is bolstered through the Security Analysis module, with functionality that suggests alternatives for a negatively rated stock or ETF. By default, if the instrument selected is rated “C” or “D”, Trendrating will suggest a similar security with an equivalent market cap, country and sector that is currently rated “A”. The user has the option to relax the settings to view a broader universe. The Trendrating Smart Momentum Model is based on breakthrough research, which can identify trends early and adapt to market volatility to provide stability and greater profitability for long-term investors.

Also in this new release, portfolio managers can now use the Portfolio Analysis module to run a point-in-time breakdown of their actual holdings on a historical basis. Based on the Portfolio Momentum Rating (PMR) ™, which is Trendrating’s proprietary model that facilitates the momentum rating at the individual security level as well as at the portfolio level, Portfolio Analysis shows the PMR™ at a specific date, the portfolio rating at the holdings level and the forward-looking performance. The data can be exported to Excel or printed in a PDF report. The PMR™ has been proven to have a significant impact on portfolio returns and was created to help asset managers position their portfolios positively with respect to future performance.

“As momentum continues to gain traction as a critical part of the investment decision process, we’re working to expand our capabilities to create measurable impact in terms of performance and risk control for our clients” said Trendrating’s CEO, Rocco Pellegrinelli. “As we are the only company that focuses solely on momentum analytics, we work hard to offer the most advanced performance management system based on this important investment factor.”

About Trendrating:
Trendrating is a global provider of best in class momentum models, analytics and technology. Trendrating’s “Smart Momentum” model is faster and more accurate at capturing trends and reversals than other commercially available products that rely on outdated research and technology.

Trendrating’s performance management system is used by over 100 leading asset managers, private banks and wealth managers globally to systematically run multiple portfolio assessments and adjust exposure to capture more trends. At a time when an increasing number of fund managers are implementing more sophisticated factor-based strategies, Trendrating provides leading edge tools to improve performance and lower risk. Trendrating has a collaboration agreement with FTSE Russell to develop innovative new momentum indexes. The company has offices in London, Boston and Lugano, Switzerland.

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