Virtu Expands Women’s Winternship Program to Europe

Virtu Financial, a global market maker, broker and leading provider of global financial services technology, announced the expansion of its successful US Women’s Winternship program with the launch of a dedicated European chapter.

Like Virtu’s US Women’s Winternship, the new European edition is a multi-day program aimed at introducing European-domiciled first- and second-year undergraduate students to a career path in the financial services industry. The virtually-hosted Women’s Winternship has already begun accepting applications and is scheduled for January 2022.

“Initiated over three years ago, the US Women’s Winternship has proven incredibly beneficial for the firm and Winterns alike,” said Douglas Cifu, CEO Virtu Financial. “We are excited to see this early talent identification program continue its evolution and build a European-specific pipeline of exceptional female candidates. In the US, numerous Virtu Wintern alums have also participated in our summer internship program and converted to full-time hires―we believe the European program will be as successful.”

Winternship Europe 2022 will feature an engaging curriculum, panel discussions and programming-related challenges and group projects. Upon completion, participants will not only have a more comprehensive perspective of potential roles at Virtu and the financial markets overall, but also experience the firm’s culture of collaboration and innovation.

The Women’s Winternship program is part of Virtu’s broader commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Source: Virtu

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