The current temporary equivalence expires on March 30, 2020.

Eurex Clearing’s direct access model for the buy side gained its first EU-domiciled bank as a member.

There is new technical advice regarding the criteria for, access to, and fees applying to non-EU firms.

Eurex Clearing announced a 100% discount on booking fees for portfolio switches.

EuroCCP can now clear more than 95% of European equities traded on venues.

Daily Email Feature

ForexClear Focuses On Buy Side

Business is brisk ahead of new phases of uncleared margin rules.

Clearing OTC transactions helps clients cope with uncleared margin rules.

€STR swaps will inherit much of the pre-existing liquidity from the EONIA swaps market.

Income at clearing house LCH rose 19% in the third quarter.

This significantly broadens the proportion of the FX market which can be cleared.