Dinsdale will lead technology developments and drive further adoption in the region.

The French bank's Internal Startup Call collected 600 ideas.

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Agency Brokerage Evolves

Cutting-edge technology and full alignment with client interests are must-haves.

Block trading network is running a pilot with large U.S. asset managers.

The Dutch bank's €50m fund invests in start-ups specialising in the digitalisation of financial services.

The operating system software runs at more than 1,500 banks and buy-side firms.

Web and OpenFin applications can be developed without writing additional code.

Next two waves of margin regulation will cover 1,200 firms and 9,500 counterparty relationships.

Partnership enables customers to streamline KYC and AML compliance in fight against financial crime.

Nasdaq has supplied the real-time platform which is part of a multi-year project.