The Chinese stock exchange will advance its international strategy.
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Euronext To Launch New Strategy

Euronext Dublin's cash market is due to migrate to Optiq in February.

MTS assesses the roles of connectivity and liquidity in automation.

SIX FinTech Ventures has acquired stakes in vestr and Shift Cryptosecurity.

Credit Suisse AES vet will push innovation for buy-side traders.

Daily Email Feature

Mosaic Adds Instant Trade Reports

Immediate natural language generation can replace reports that take hours to create. 

An exercise today is testing the financial sector’s cyber resilience.

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The Future Is Bionic

Technology will not replace people say active managers.

FX options, spots and forwards will migrate to TradeServ in the first half of 2019.

90% of Citi's foreign exchange trades are not touched by a human being.