Less than three months in, the market is unsurprisingly not fully open around pricing.
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An In-Depth Look at 'Last Look'

FX execution management requires navigating different microstructures and liquidity pools.

In the age of financial services transformation, the definition of good leadership has transformed too.

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MiFID II Reporting Assessed

Controls should reduce compliance and operational risk in a sustainable way.

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Grabbing CAT by the Tail

Firms need an infrastructure capable of handling and relaying massive amounts of data.

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Bear Stearns, 10 Years On

How to mitigate the uncertainty of the next decade?

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MiFID II Goes Hollywood

Like a blockbuster with sequels, the regulation is never really over.

Defining responsibilities and expectations are critical for anyone taking on the role.

Firms should challenge data partners to provide what they need, SIX says.

Cordium outlines the people, process and technology needed to support firms' compliance efforts.