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SEC's proposed fees are more expensive than for comparable market data available on proprietary feeds.

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Measuring the market transition from LIBOR to SOFR.

Holders of most USD Libor-linked product technically have until June 2023 to take action.

SOFR trading on Tradeweb as a percentage of new risk was a record in September.

Provision of term SOFR counters any excuse to delay transition from Libor.

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Top 5 Energy Surveillance Tips

There are weaknesses in the surveillance of market abuse in wholesale commodity and energy market trading.

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Connecting the Dots of Innovation

Tradeweb's Iseult Conlin details a breakthrough in all-to-all trading.

Headline inflation in the U.S. hit 4.2% annualized in April, a level not seen since 2008.

A structured home-office work mix can optimize a trading desk's efficiency, Fidelity's Tom Stevenson writes.

Fast access to trusted data can be a game changer for buy-side firms, SimCorp's Ramesh Rabadiya writes.