Challenges include changing market dynamics and increased regulation, GLMX notes.

MTS assesses the roles of connectivity and liquidity in automation.

Market 'electronification' sets the stage for auto-ex, MTS says.

Needs include closer collaboration with working groups and better trading analytics, SIX says.

Archaic manual systems no longer work in capital markets, MHR Analytics observes.

S&P eyes challenge of making data more useful, more actionable and timelier.

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Assessing Hedge-Fund Closures

Shutdowns indicate industry growth and maturity, Agecroft Partners writes.

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ETFs Pressure Buy Side

Active managers are under more pressure to justify their fee structures, NeoXam notes.

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Lessons From the Tick Size Pilot

Greenwich Associates says takeaway is that Congress should set the policy, and the SEC should make the rules.

The trend is unmistakably upward, Meritsoft notes.