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Risk assessment and effectiveness testing are key components of passing regulatory muster.

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FINBOURNE Technology highlights that the EU and SEC have set their sights on hedge funds.

Trade surveillance can be harder to analyse in fixed income.

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Update on Trading Analytics

With Alastair Clarke, European Equity Trader, Capital Group

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What Next for Trading China?

China's equity markets continue to rapidly evolve.

The absence of designated intermediaries pose challenges for regulation, compliance, and financial stability.

FTX describes the tools the crypto firm uses to to implement a sanctions compliance program.

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SOFR is Off to the Races

The dollar swaps market progression is moving forward in full force, Tradeweb's Colm Murtagh writes.

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An ETF for Every Season

Technology changes the game for ETF RFQ trading.

Volumes have continued to grow even as many market participants return to the office.