Broadway Technology CEO says disruption in FICC trading isn't coming -- it's here.

Firms that embrace managed accounts are best-positioned to raise assets, industry source writes.

Cantor electronic traders note that deep liquidity at certain times can facilitate block order executions.

DTCC highlights why international standards-setting bodies are critical for regulatory harmony.

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KBW Assesses SEC Data Directive

Regulatory order signals a dilution in exchange voting power.

FIS execs calls securities finance 'the biggest market nobody has heard of.'

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The Rise of the Family Office

Pavilion Global Markets says transparency, liquidity and communication are critical to the FO business model.

Industry assets will reach all-time highs, with lower expected returns, Agecroft Partners says.

Wealth managers will continue their M&A activities into the coming year.

Liquidity risk needs to be managed in lock step with credit risk and market risk, IHS Markit says.