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Artificial Intelligence Investing

Chief investment officer at NN IP says digital augmentation of human skill be a differentiator.
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Tackling Credit Risk in Global FX

Cobalt sees a need for live credit management for automated traders.

MHR Analytics notes investment in critical 'big data' technologies is often overlooked.

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SEC Clarifies Crypto View

GMAG sees a framework for figuring out what else besides bitcoin and ether are not securities.

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Braving the Sanctions Storm

A flurry of recent sanctions activity is challenging financial firms to reassess their data and processes.

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'Mind the Gap' in Broker Fees

Differentiating between the best and worst rates offered up by brokers.

Customization remains king.

Halting the 'disorder creep' commonly found on global trading IT estates.

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UK Fintech: Beyond Payments

Asian currency markets present an opportunity for fintech providers.

FlexTrade's Ivy Schmerken looks at recent developments in market structure.