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CEO Chat with BTON Financial

Outsourcing firm talks about re-imagining the buy-side dealing desk.

Identify the risks and the best person to work with outside experts, Abacus exec writes.

Scalability, privacy, standards, and regulatory comfort remain the highest hurdles to adoption.

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Dog Days of Summer

GMAG says vacation season is a good time for design, implementation and testing of machine-based trading.

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The Future is Fundamental

Kyoob's Ana Cukic says investment firms need more drivers and fewer mechanics.

Meritsoft says U.S. firms should prepare for a landscape resembling Europe’s.

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Market Data Fees: An Overview

Exegy exec aim to demystify what has become a Top 3 expense for many market participants.

Libra casts a bright light on the subset of cryptocurrencies.

Effective implementation can mitigate risk and provide business benefits, Luxor exec says.

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TCA and Broker Neutrality

TradingScreen notes buy-side quandary of whether to share data with a potential trading rival.