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Data shows AAPL and TSLA stock splits improved most of their tradability metrics.

Passing the test on market abuse regulation means being “data fit,” according to ICE Data Services.

Data shows the proportion of bearish bets has been falling recently, and is near decade lows.

Traders tap technology to track a diverse universe of securities, manage multi-factor risk and execute trades.

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Five Surprising ETF Facts

ETFs offer tight spreads, deep liquidity, and close tracking vs. NAV, Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh writes.

"Free" is usually where the inefficiencies begin, Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh writes.

Large-cap stocks that split outperform by an average of 5% in the next year, Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh writes.

A key market-structure innovation has become mainstream in 2020, LSEG's Dr. Robert Barnes writes.

The right questions need to be asked for trades to be put in the proper context of the overall intention.

Retail traders can make the equity markets more vibrant and liquid -- as long as they avoid common pitfalls.