Rather than buy or build, Vela says buy and build is the way to look at it.
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CEO Chat with Coleman Research

The global permeation of MiFID II will be a three- to five-year process, exec says.

Seven years post-Sandy, a viable BCP and geographic data diversity are critical, Abacus says.

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Are You Preparing to Fail on AI?

Broadridge provides a checklist for companies to avoid pitfalls.

Indus Valley Partners writes about how 'hyperoutsourcing' can reinvent buy-side operating models.

Fintech exec says regulators will at some point want to know what volume is traded.

Redesigning due diligence with control objectives improves the risk posture of the industry, IHS Markit says.

Companies need to view AI as a digital labor force rather than a solution, FIS CTO writes.

SIX says it may be the most complicated financial rule since the 2008 crash.

It's business as usual as FINRA ramps up preparedness reviews.