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Retail traders can make the equity markets more vibrant and liquid -- as long as they avoid common pitfalls.

New policy paper outlines how derivatives markets can help build a more sustainable future.

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What's Treasury Worth?

COVID-19 has boosted demand for fundamental change in treasury operations, Hazeltree's Sameer Shalaby writes.

David Rutter, CEO of R3, argues that now is the time to transform the corporate bond secondary market.

Data shows that the exchange data product is neither complimentary nor complementary.

Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh asks if lit markets are being taken for granted.

Travis Schwab of Eventus Systems assesses potential implications of 'Reg NMS II'.

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Exchange That!

With all the moving parts in the exchange space, don't lose sight of the impact on end user investors.

New exchanges compress bid-ask spreads less than one might expect, Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh writes.

This year's rebalance of FTSE’s Russell’s equity indexes was unlike any other, Nasdaq writes.