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Travis Schwab of Eventus Systems assesses potential implications of 'Reg NMS II'.
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Exchange That!

With all the moving parts in the exchange space, don't lose sight of the impact on end user investors.

New exchanges compress bid-ask spreads less than one might expect, Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh writes.

This year's rebalance of FTSE’s Russell’s equity indexes was unlike any other, Nasdaq writes.

An efficient electronic market is essential to ensuring transparent and robust liquidity in long-dated bonds.

Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh tells interns all they wanted to know about market structure, but were afraid to ask.

Fixed income ETFs function as a strategic tool for institutional investors during periods of high volatility.

The current crisis highlights the need to track the liquidity of private assets, PGIM's Junying Chen writes.

For the sell side, remote working has proved possible, but not without its hurdles, Integral CRO writes.

Firms have found that webinars bring efficiency, flexibility, and nearly unlimited reach.