Daily Email Feature

Traders are increasingly being asked how ESG fits in execution.

Featured financial tech and institutional trading article by Markets Media.

Richard Turner of Insight Investment sees more automation and more transparency around cost and outcomes.

Daily Email Feature

TRACE Turns 20

Stephanie Dumont and Ola Persson of FINRA reflect on advances in fixed income transparency.

Investors lack confidence in fixed income data and believe only half is really reliable.

The consortium is creating the first open market electronic trading platform for syndicated loans and CLOs.

Cross-chain messaging will allow trades in different assets to be seamlessly brought together.

More crypto tech vendors are expected to join forces with well-established firms.

By Greta Zhou and Andy Cheung, APAC AES, Credit Suisse

Daily Email Feature

FTX US Boosts Equities Business

The US regulated cryptocurrency exchange has acquired Embed Clearing.

The project is minting NFTs to fund free fintech & web3 learning for students from any background.