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AFX webinar panelists including Barbara Novick and Richard Sandor discussed the transition away from the long-used benchmark.

Breaking data silos is key to deploying automation beyond 'nuisance' orders.

Tradeweb notes the industry has a refreshingly simple litmus test for what innovation gets adopted and what gets cast as...

The weekly recap of new hires, promotions and job changes in capital markets trading and technology.

Daily Email Feature

T+1: A Double-Edged Sword?

The move to T+1 may impact financial services firms more than T+3 or T+2 did.

Boston group is the largest member affiliate of the Security Traders Association.

The addressable market for private company secondary transactions is up to $1.5bn.

TP ICAP has set strategic objectives of aggregating liquidity, electronification and diversification.

The Retail Price Improvement Program will offer midpoint prices to retail investors.

Daily Email Feature

Nasdaq to Expand ESG Data Hub

The European data business has launched the ESG Data Hub and the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network.