Daily Email Feature

Daily Email Feature

Equivalence a Theme at FIA IDX

Trade associations have asked for an extension of the temporary equivalence decision for UK CCPs. 

Featured financial tech and institutional trading article by Markets Media.

Daily Email Feature

Digital Assets on the Buy Side

With Thejas Nalval, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Parataxis Capital

Essentia analyses data to create behavorial “nudges” for fund managers' investment decisions.

The exchange's Bitcoin ETN future is most likely not going to be its last.

Agency broker moves beyond execution to offer a broader suite of services.

A number of Libor rates will cease to exist at the end of this year.

Upstart exchange has seen market share increase to near 4%.

Electronification of the municipal bond market also presents a large opportunity.

With Ankit Mittal, Business Change Manager, Global Trading, Schroders

Dimensional Fund Advisors entered the ETF market last year with