Daily Email Feature

Trade Outsourcing Picks Up

Some buy-siders turn to third parties to augment, or replace, trading desks.

Lyxor expects a consolidated tape in the near future.

Franklin Templeton trading vet drives event focused on fintech and buy-side innovation.

An open platform model wins traders' hearts.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

Daily Email Feature

SFTR Activity Ramps Up

The EC has provided feedback to regulators.

RaaS enables real-time, low-cost monitoring of market and credit risk.

Daily Email Feature

AxeTrading Looks To Expand

Clients are stepping up discussions on how to engage with MiFID II data.

Systematic internalisers and large-in-scale trading volumes are concerning regulators. 

Daily Email Feature

TCA Set For Arms Race

This year will be transformative for transaction cost analysis.