Daily Email Feature

Data Race Accelerates

Fintechs leverage partners to better extract value.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

Daily Email Feature

The Situation With Alt Data

Streaming real-time information provides situational awareness for securities traders.

Daily Email Feature

UK Regulators Eye Crypto

Aim is to support innovation that will benefit consumers.

Staff buy-in is as important as the technology.

Daily Email Feature

Eurex Aims To Expand ESG Futures

ESG investing is moving from niche to mainstream.

The technology provider wants to foster an innovation ecosystem with fintechs.

Data (surprise) was a contentious topic on Sandler O’Neill panel.

Market structure is changing, but block traders' old habits die hard.

Daily Email Feature

Alt Data Logistics in Focus

Technology vendors make it easier for users to get to the good stuff.