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VOLQ futures are meant to meet growing demand for tools to hedge portfolio volatility exposure.

'BondbloX' trade executed on BondEvalue’s platform with Northern Trust as the asset servicing provider.

Aim is to deliver a full front-to-back office trading solution to the buy side.

Scores are meant to provide transparent, data-driven insights into company performance.

The route connects the B3 colocation facilities in Sao Paulo with the Nasdaq data center in Carteret, NJ.

Travis Schwab of Eventus Systems assesses potential implications of 'Reg NMS II'.

"We realized that some things we had been doing weren’t really that important," one buy-sider said.

The firms want to ‘to automate everything automatable’ for the mortgage industry.

They are simplifying U.S. Treasury hedging by providing a single point of access for credit and rates.

The acquisition of Lombard Forte Securities reflects a product and geographic expansion.