Andreas Utermann is retiring as part of succession plan to take effect 1 January 2020.

There is new technical advice regarding the criteria for, access to, and fees applying to non-EU firms.

Vendor aims to address industry dependency on established technologies.

From The Markets

IHS Markit Updates on SFTR

Analytics firm says six broker-dealers have signed on for questionnaire management.

Limeglass’ Research Atomisation uses proprietary technology to smart-tag paragraphs in context. 

IFAD will host the first futures based on Abu Dhabi National Oil Company's Murban crude oil.

The conference will focus on data quality and standards, a consolidated tape and buy-side TCA best execution.

The initiative eyes capital-raising in the primary market and stock-buybacks in the secondary market.

SIX says it may be the most complicated financial rule since the 2008 crash.

Eurex Clearing announced a 100% discount on booking fees for portfolio switches.