From The Markets

Update On CLS And Covid-19

Average daily volumes in CLSSettlement rose over 50% last month.

FIX EMEA Trading Conference moved to 18 September 2020.

Crux Informatics is integrating the Valordata feed which covers reference data for 29.7 million instruments.

COVID-19 has exposed the dark side of supply-chain vulnerability, OpenGamma writes.

Vehicles enable managers to tap the liquidity and tax advantages of ETFs, without giving away the strategy.

First-quarter ADV increased 45% from the first-quarter of last year.

Responsible investment funds had a second consecutive month of record inflows.

From The Markets

BME Approves Offer From SIX

There is appropriate protection for the development of Spanish secondary markets and financial systems.

The regulator is relaxing requirements for RTS 27 and RTS 28.

Applications for experiments with central bank digital money are due by 15 May.