Women represent a highest-ever 26% of this year's crop.

90% of Citi's foreign exchange trades are not touched by a human being.

Needs include closer collaboration with working groups and better trading analytics, SIX says.

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Barclays Names New Chairman

Higgins has spent his entire career at Rothschild.

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ING Brings AI to Bond Trading

The provision of technology tools to clients has become a differentiator.

Euro Banking Association working group is exploring the use of new technology.

The bank is accelerating the opening of its IT systems to third-party service providers.

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Data Science and the Trading Desk

Traders borrow from the scientific method to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Deutsche Bank whitepaper assesses the current regulatory landscape with respect to emerging technologies.

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Customizing Equities Trading

On the sell side, ‘Execution as a Service’ is in, off-the-rack algos are out.