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Temenos Acquires AI Platform

London-based Logical Glue has financial clients in the UK and Europe.

Meritsoft says U.S. firms should prepare for a landscape resembling Europe’s.

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Market Data Fees: An Overview

Exegy exec aim to demystify what has become a Top 3 expense for many market participants.

Proxymity launched in the UK last year and being rolled out in Spain.

The bank is investing €13bn by 2022 in technology and innovation.

BNP Paribas will provide continuity of service to prime finance and electronic equities clients.

Ritchie will step down as head of CIB and from the management board on July 31.

A firm should embrace modernization in its talent, just as it does with its products and services.

Pending UK rule will hold senior finserv execs 'personally liable' for regulatory breaches.

Clients are demanding a transparent, agency-only approach to trading and liquidity sourcing, Pavilion writes.