Rayne Steinberg, ex co-founder of WisdomTree, believes digital assets will be more disruptive than ETFs.

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Clarity AI Aims To Measure Impact

The fintech has received investments from BlackRock and Deutsche Börse in the last four months.

Gensler’s expertise in fintech and digital currency could lead to new regulatory approvals.

Retiring Vice Chairman and co-founder says the legacy of 2020 can be a positive one.

The roboadvisor has been developed by the exchange’s Innovation Lab.

The AI-powered equity trading venue was ranked 21 at the start of 2020 and has reached number nine.

Platform deepens corporate-bond liquidity by connecting pools.

BlackRock expects to manage $1 trillion in sustainable assets by the end of this decade.

Regulation is likely to continue this year under a Democratic administration.

Daily Email Feature

Buy-Side Goal: Upgrade Technology

Long-only managers see benefits of cloud-based systems that historically have been the purview of hedge funds.