Daily Email Feature

Market Data and Trading Costs

The time is nigh for a broad-based assessment of data provision and procurement. 

Passive fund inflows were more than 50% in Europe for the first time.

The partnership will span investment banking and securities brokerage in LatAm.

GoldenSource says financial firms must remember data is a premium staple, not a commodity.

The re-introduction of custom baskets lowers the barrier to entry for issuers.

The regulator polled FIMSAC regarding Reg ATS and Reg SCI applicability.

Northern Trust sees asset managers growing more comfortable with an off-site front office.

Compression allows firms to terminate Libor-linked cashflows and rebuild their portfolios.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

The industry gets greater details from the exchange’s Form-1 filing.