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Data Race Accelerates

Fintechs leverage partners to better extract value.

Let's bring a better structure to the market-structure debate.


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DLT can round the sharp corners of issuance, Bond.One CSO writes.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

The new office will support the major European markets.

UK listed companies will be able to sell shares in China from today.

Recognition was granted by the FCA on May 24.

New tools give small and mid-sized money managers a leg up.

The new consultancy to specialize in AI-based risk management.

Opinions are divided on Regulation Best Interest.

Predictions that the technology will be the next big thing have yet to pan out.

Exchange group aims to enhance market quality via tighter spreads and deeper liquidity for ETPs.

Pat Hickey, former market structure head at Optiver, is among the hires.

Partnership integrates machine learning with trusted risk data to combat financial crime.

The OTC exchange's frac sand market data is now available via the vendor.

Daily Email Feature

The Situation With Alt Data

Streaming real-time information provides situational awareness for securities traders.

Digital assets may be piquing buy-side interest, Caspian CEO writes.

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The Time for Reform is Now

U.S. equity market structure is overly complex and costly, FIA PTG says.