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T+1: A Double-Edged Sword?

The move to T+1 may impact financial services firms more than T+3 or T+2 did.

FCA and Bank of England encourage adoption of RFRs from 21 September 2021.


Daily Email Feature
07.20.2021 By Shanny Basar
Daily Email Feature
07.19.2021 By Shanny Basar
Daily Email Feature
07.16.2021 By Shanny Basar
Daily Email Feature
07.14.2021 By Anders Kirkeby, Simcorp, and Alex Marangoni, Citisoft

Investors in private markets have struggled with inefficient and manual processes.

From The Markets

ICE Index Business Expands

The exchange has launched new fixed income, thematic and ESG-focused indices.

Clients are looking for a turnkey solution that is quick and easy to deploy.

Boston group is the largest member affiliate of the Security Traders Association.

Institutional investors are expecting more services from digital asset custodians.

The company is valued at $18bn as revenues have increased over tenfold this year.

The addressable market for private company secondary transactions is up to $1.5bn.

Results were impacted by low levels of credit market volatility in a year over year comparison.

National Securities Clearing Corporation has also added new fixed income ETF capabilities.

From The Markets

Banks Invest in Vestwell

The fintech aims to reshape workplace savings and investing.

US institutions can access all European and Asian markets with one contractual relationship.

Benefits include enhanced monitoring and alerting as well as increased levels of automation.

SVP, Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley will invest in the new company.

TP ICAP has set strategic objectives of aggregating liquidity, electronification and diversification.

A similar service is available on the BIDS platform in the US equity market.