Eventus's Mike Castiglione discusses how his CIA background brings a valuable perspective to the capital markets business.

Credit Suisse's strengths in the US and tech sector are a good fit for UBS’s strategy.


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03.19.2023 By Shanny Basar
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03.19.2023 By Shanny Basar
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The network of swap lines serve to ease strains in global funding markets.

The futures became available for trading across four U.S. indices in May 2019.

In 2015 Nasdaq Stockholm launched the world’s first Sustainable Bond Markets.

RAK Digital Assets Oasis will open for applications in the second quarter of 2023.

UBS will 'de-risk' the investment bank and focus on asset and wealth management.

Swiss Confederation and SNB to provide additional liquidity.

Portfolio managers and traders have to analyse ever-increasing amounts of data. 

The regulator will not commence enforcement action for violations solely from FDIC ordered transfers.  

Year-to-date net inflows are the sixth highest on record.

WFE’s Market Highlights report reveals that stock markets declined by 20% in market cap.

The institutional Archax digital asset ecosystem allows firms to raise funds through digital issuances.

Gender equality will take until 2065 given the current trend.

Regulators and capital markets industry groups are pushing to shorten equities settlement.

This additional liquidity will support Credit Suisse’s core businesses and clients.

The volume surpassed the previous record in 2020 during the onset of COVID-19.

New public disclosure requirements for covered entities would improve transparency.