Management set key performance indicators to track progress of its strategic plan set in 2020.
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Fed Consults on CBDC

The paper is the first step in discussing if a CBDC could improve the domestic payments system.


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01.19.2022 By Shanny Basar
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01.18.2022 By Shanny Basar
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01.17.2022 By Shanny Basar
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01.13.2022 By Shanny Basar

The exchange's network will enable a range of market participants to access high-quality crypto data.

The Nordic and Baltic exchanges had record IPOs and trading volumes.

Centrally cleared and settled transactions have been in continuously increasing demand.

Change is being driven by volatility, velocity and variability.

The bank failed to protect customers’ securities and disclosed conflicts of interest inaccurately.

With Joe Schifano, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at Eventus Systems.

The firm has acquired Omniex, a platform for institutional crypto trading.

2021 marked the fourth consecutive year of record-setting trading activity.

Participants can increase straight-through-processing for voluntary corporate action instructions.

Deutsche Börse is supporting the development of carbon derivatives markets in China.

It may take 10-15 years for DeFi to be broadly accepted across financial markets.

President and chief executive officer of State Street Global Advisors will retire in 2022.

The collaboration allows Citi to scale its fixed income ETF servicing business.

LCH SwapAgent registered over 10,000 trades in 2021, a five fold increase.

European firms could operate temporarily in the UK after Brexit while seeking full authorisation.

Institutional investors are increasingly considering opportunities in the digital asset class.