Exchange groups seek to tap into increasing institutional interest.

Closing auction is one of most important daily liquidity and price formation events in European equities.


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06.11.2020 By Shanny Basar

Third-country benchmarks that are widely used in the EU could become unavailable.

The trading platform has onboarded 2012 investors from 33 jurisdictions.

The not-for-profit initiative will make it easier to ensure funds are comparable and clear about costs.

Most buy-side firms miss alpha-generation opportunities by not using granular ESG data.

Sell-side vet was Head of Depositary and Fiduciary Services at BNP Paribas Securities Services in Paris.

New feed will provide more frequent and granular data on the order book and traded prices.

The acquisition reinforces Schroders’ private assets and real estate capabilities.

Negotiations are ongoing on equivalence decisions.

The market should still transition to Libor alternatives before the end of 2021.

The integration enables the detection of latency issues which is critical in high volatility.

ICS, a digital platform provides transparency and comparability of the impact of investments.

From The Markets

OCC June Volume Rises 80%

Three trading days in June landed within the top five trading days on record.

Buy-side trading head has somewhat warmed up to the notion of trading from home.

Aim is to empower the optionality and flexibility that firms are seeking in their daily workflows.

FESE said the length of the current trading day reflects investors’ needs.

Cboe Europe Derivatives is due to launch in the first half of 2021.