Between 80-90% of enterprise data is unstructured so most firms cannot unlock its value.

Demand for RFQ services in cash equities has risen in current markets.


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Risks outweigh rewards in keeping previously established compliance dates.

By 2030 the value of blockchains will be determined by actual rather than token utility, Texture Capital says.

NYFIX Matching now can process trade messages with custodians via all networks including SWIFT.

Bans on short-selling have significantly degraded market liquidity and price formation.

The high percentage of rolled contracts shows that ESG is not just a flash-in-the-pan.

The market turnover volume increased by 62%.

The number of active users of BISON has grown by more than 40% this year.

Euronext will seize attractive growth opportunities in line with its financial discipline.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

Exec focuses on recruiting, retaining, and promoting diverse talent at all levels of the firm.

The entire Jefferies family mourns the loss of Peg Broadbent.

Short-selling bans inhibit orderly markets rather than promote them.

First Canadian bank becomes member of RepoClear.

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AGMs And Impact Of Covid-19

The guidance offers suggestions on how listed companies might implement contingency plans.

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Work-From-Home Comes of Age

Tradeweb CEO says his technology firm is as much as “100%+” productive.

This year's MCA's will be led by the Instinet Positive Change Awards.