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Euronext Could Add Exchanges

The pan-European exchange operator is competing with Nasdaq for Oslo Børs.

BrokerTec and EBS platforms will be brought into the technological fold.


Daily Email Feature
01.31.2019 By John D'Antona
Daily Email Feature
02.07.2019 By Shanny Basar
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02.04.2019 By Rob Daly
Latest News
02.07.2019 By Rob Daly

The opinion is the first of its kind and will enable continued exchange of information.

Equities is the bellwether for derivatives market development, Fidessa's Chris Monnery writes.

U.S. regulators take lackadaisical approach to MiFID II.

HSBC FX Everywhere has been used for payments across the bank's internal balance sheets.

Commission rates are also falling.

The new offering provides routing to achieve the best aggregate price across all selected crypto exchanges.

Technology makes illiquid pricing more science than art.

The new business brings together ICE BondPoint, TMC Bonds, and ICE Credit Trade lines.

BIS white paper assesses 'Proof of Work' algos for digital assets.

Regulators need new tools as financial market activity moves from London to EU27.

FX Connect is creating a trading ‘cockpit.'

The exchange expects adjusted net profit to grow by around 10% in 2019.

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The deal has resulted in broader IT services for hedge funds and private equity clients.

Daily Email Feature

Moving Beyond Cost Cuts

Financial services looks to productivity-based measurements and initiatives.