The bipartisan Lummis-Gillibrand bill requires segregation of customer assets and unbundling of custody.

The Singapore exchange will become a limited partner in the venture capital firm's latest strategy.


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The first amendments to the CFTC's swap data reporting rules come into effect on December 5.

EMEA is leading the way in creating a safe and secure regulatory environment for crypto.

EFAMA said a real-time tape for equities with the inclusion of pre and post-trade data is needed.

They will help investors identify companies committed to improving gender diversity.

C.S. Venkatakrishnan said his prognosis is excellent and his condition is curable.

She won Excellence in Marketing & Communications at Markets Media’s 2022 Women in Finance (US) Awards.

CEDX is planning to expand its range of products in 2023, subject to regulatory approvals.

A regulatory cooperation agreement was signed in 2016.

An estimated 200 SGX-listed fixed income securities already meet the criteria.

Regulators will likely separate custody from other crypto exchange activities.

Investors are seeking the tax efficiency, trading flexibility and cost benefits of ETFs.

More than 20 Core Climate participants have traded 400,000 tonnes of carbon credits in the first month.

The agencies found a shortcoming related to data quality and data management.

Final LIBOR publication would be end-September 2024.

Financial institutions can shorten the lifecycle of blockchain projects to just a few weeks.

US Department of Labor has allowed pension plan fiduciaries to consider ESG factors.