European investors aren't seeing the needle move.
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Corvil Insight Fuels Performance

Buy-side firms need more granular analysis across the trade life cycle.


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02.27.2019 By John D'Antona
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The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

SimCorp says it's about addressing concrete problems faced on a daily basis.

Brexit will make UK companies less attractive acquisition targets.

There is no certainty that any transaction will materialise.

New offering will provide trade information, market impact and alpha calculations beginning in Q2.

A dearth of regulatory guidance is vexing for brokers.

Electronic liquidity providers have gained influence in the new trading landscape.

Firm may re-think deployments due to Immutability, scalability, and security concerns.

The firm is bringing in new senior regulatory staff to expand its existing UK team.

The bank is SIX's first new member in 2019.

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Cboe Pumps Brakes on Bitcoin

Exisiting XBT contracts will continue to trade, but the CFE will not list new ones.

A Fidelity study finds 22% of firms invest in the emerging asset class.

Meritsoft notes an EU-wide FTT lurks in the weeds.

Regulatory endeavor is perhaps the most contentious issue in equity markets.

Liquidity could fragment post-Brexit.

Financial institutions can deploy technology to ensure the 'old boys club' is a thing of the past.