Rayne Steinberg, ex co-founder of WisdomTree, believes digital assets will be more disruptive than ETFs.

The firm is positioning itself as a technology company, as well as a listings venue and market operator.


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Behnam succeeds Heath P. Tarbert who served as chairman since July 15 2019.

Sophisticated algorithms used in equities are being adapted for fixed income and commodity trading.

Is London's advantage under threat from Brexit?

Eligible stocks will be included in Northbound trading under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

TSE expects fintechs to create new services and institutions to digitize business processes.

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Clarity AI Aims To Measure Impact

The fintech has received investments from BlackRock and Deutsche Börse in the last four months.

The interest rate category suffered from a steep decline in both volume and open interest.

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US ETFs Had Record Inflows

Vanguard led all fund families in 2020 with nearly $141bn of inflows.

BSBY includes a systemic credit spread and term structure.

The USD credit spread adjustment uses data on commercial paper, certificates of deposit and corporate bonds.

The application was developed with XP Investments, US subsidiary of the Brazilian broker-dealer.

AI could improve execution in any market-driven asset class.

The deal is subject to the satisfaction or waiver of any outstanding merger control and regulatory approvals.

Banque de France executed a Central Bank Digital Currency transaction using the SETL blockchain.

Global fintech investment increased 14% from 2019.

Electronic trading during the pandemic has led to high volumes and more participants.