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Daily Email Feature

CAT Q&A: Jess Haberman, Fidessa

For trading firms, sorting out workflows is high up on the CAT to-do list.

Daily Email Feature

Raising the Bar on Venue Analysis

Are trades executed in line with the intent of the orders?

Daily Email Feature

Who Safeguards the Industry?

DTCC ensures a smooth and orderly back office for more than 100 million trades per day.

36-year veteran reflects on 9/11 and the financial crisis, while looking ahead to the future of fintech and markets.

"There are fewer things that can break," one Wall Street CTO says.

'Old-school' brokers who don't adapt may find themselves driving for Uber.

On the buy-side trading desk, seamless systems integration proves elusive.

One-time Davids highlight approaches to compete with Goliaths. 

What are MiFID II's implications for trading specifically?