Daily Email Feature

Gary Gensler, SEC chairman, has highlighted payment for order flow ahead of a Congressional hearing today.

Coin Metrics provides network data, market data, indexes and network risk solutions for cryptoassets.

Confluence’s risk and performance solution will have coverage powered by J.P. Morgan’s analytics.

Fintech Nivaura helped develop Flow which provides end-to-end automation in primary debt markets.

The industry needs to consolidate traditional and digital assets on a single processing platform.

German exchange group acquires outstanding 49% stake from UBS.

Markets Choice Award winner cites four Cs for his success: commitment, collaboration, communication and creativity.

The Eurodollar options pit, which reopened last August, will remain.

Investors want institutional quality pricing data as crypto becomes more mainstream.

Investors’ appetite for ETFs has grown dramatically over ten years of the Charles Schwab survey.