11 More Firms Join Sustainable Trading Initiative

11 More Firms Join Sustainable Trading Initiative

Sustainable Trading, the non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices in the trading industry, today welcomes an additional 11 financial services organisations into its membership network.

Capital Group, Cboe Europe, Citi, Cowen, Fidelity International, Fidelity Management & Research Company, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Goodbody, Northern Trust, Verne Global and Wellington Management join Sustainable Trading, demonstrating a collective commitment to driving positive ESG change in their own businesses, and to drive change right across the industry. This expands the group of members to 41 financial services organisations.

Founder and Director Duncan Higgins said: “We are delighted to welcome this prestigious group of firms to Sustainable Trading. Their enthusiasm to participate, and their commitment to contributing time, resources and expertise, reflects the increasing importance of ESG considerations in firms’ decision-making frameworks. This spirit of collaboration will accelerate the pace of ESG change within the trading industry.”

Sustainable Trading member organisations bring valuable experience and expertise to focused Environmental, Social and Governance workstreams tasked with defining a portfolio of ESG best practices, tailored to the trading industry, for use within member firms. Sustainable Trading will also oversee a benchmarking and transparency framework to enable clear and efficient communication of progress on best practice, facilitating an ethos of continuous ESG improvement.

Membership of Sustainable Trading is open to all financial market participants engaged in trading activity or providing trading-related services.

Source: Sustainable Trading

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