7Chord Expands Bond Data Feed On Nasdaq’s Quandl

7 Chord Inc, an independent provider of predictive bond prices and analytics to institutional investors and traders, announced that it expanded its data offering on Nasdaq’s Quandl.

Bond investors and dealers can now leverage Python, R, Ruby, and other APIs to programmatically access the most comprehensive history of intraday bid and ask prices and credit spreads. The dataset covers over 34,000 USD-denominated debt securities: Investment Grade Bonds, High Yield Bonds, and Emerging Markets Sovereign Bonds across the maturity spectrum. The feed is enriched with 40+ fields, including consensus US Treasury benchmarks, essential cash flow, issuer, and liquidity risk information.

“Bond trading is becoming increasingly algorithmic. A growing number of banks, dealers, hedge funds, bond funds, and asset managers deploy quantitative credit trading strategies. However, the corporate bond market still struggles with pre-trade transparency. Fixed income data providers still target desktop users, ignoring the needs of a systematic credit investor. Even if you are prepared to pay a small fortune, it is hard to find well-structured historical tick data that can be used to design and backtest a credit algo,” said Kristina Fan, Founder and CEO of 7 Chord.

7 Chord’s tick history, which goes back to 2012, is updated daily and reflects the intraday bond price, bond yield, and credit spread fluctuations with timestamps down to the millisecond. The history is free of survivorship bias, as it includes matured, called, and defaulted bonds, as well as new bonds as soon as they start trading in the secondary market. To help quants and portfolio managers interpret pricing signals, BondDroid’s data feed contains the trigger events that precipitated an intraday change in credit spread. The tick-by-tick history is available as a one-time bulk update or a daily subscription.

For more information, see https://www.quandl.com/databases/BD/documentation and https://www.quandl.com/databases/BDL/data.

Once a client is ready to go live with their strategy, the delayed tick data subscription service can be upgraded to an institutional-quality real-time feed available directly from 7 Chord.

Nasdaq’s Quandl delivers financial, economic, and alternative data to investment professionals worldwide. With their unrivaled consumption experience, they have cemented a reputation for understanding and delivering what professional quantitative analysts need and want via integrations with most major languages and analytical tools, and Scientific and Mathematical Language Libraries.

“We are excited to continue expanding Quandl’s collection of high-quality data sets with the addition of 7 Chord’s Top Liquid Corporate Bond Prices and Liquidity Indicators,” says Tammer Kamel, CEO of Quandl. “This new data set enhances our platform by giving our users access to predictive pricing and analytics and deeper insights into fixed income markets.”

Quandl clients can quickly purchase a subscription to the Top Liquid Corporate Bond Prices and Liquidity Indicators by providing their payment information and without a need to speak to an agent.

Source: 7 Chord

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