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DLT Gets Vote of Confidence

Working group's concludes DLT-based settlement is 'feasible'.

Regulator channels Rick Astley in unveiling Howey Coins.


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04.24.2018 By Markets Media
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04.09.2018 By Shanny Basar
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05.11.2018 By Shanny Basar
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An Early Read on 2018’s 'Top 5'

Although the year is not half over, the industry already has passed some major milestones.

A look back at the 'first wave' of co-location.

Reese has served as Acting Chief since February 2017.

Perceived investor demand for ESG disclosure increased from last year.

‘GIRL’ fund aims to raise gender diversity standards across the UK equity market.

Support for nine decimal places on Globex to begin in August.

Fintech cannot overcome poor process management.

Hyper-connected metropolitan hubs provide access to connectivity options and public cloud services.

Columbia Threadneedle is transferring EU customer assets to Luxembourg.

Regulatory and structural challenges keep the buy side mostly out of the spot market.

New exam gauges knowledge of the FX Global Code.

Partnership helps investment firms prepare for Rule 22e-4.

The eBlock initiative will include the introduction of RFQs.

Counting and confirmation of votes can currently take two weeks.

The $39m expansion is scheduled to open this year despite Brexit.

34-year market vet has one word for newbies: integrity.