Actively Managed ETFs Eclipse Full-Year Records

By Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products, New York Stock Exchange

Vaccine rollouts, warmer weather and longer days indicate spring is finally here and brighter days seem to be in store. More than a year into the pandemic, I continue to be grateful to my team and to the NYSE ETF community for staying nimble, committed and creative while remote, though connected virtually. Collectively, the industry has uncovered great opportunities during a challenging time, and there are strong results to show for it.

2021 is off to a great start for our industry, with 92 new ETF launches and $256 billion in total cash flow. In a notable move, Guinness Atkinson completed the first mutual fund to ETF conversions in Q1, forging another long sought after entryway to the ETF market for many asset managers worldwide.

The actively managed ETF market also continues to attract new issuers and strong inflows, already eclipsing full-year records. The semi-transparent ETF market is growing strong with 28 ETFs with $1.3 billion in assets under management. Regulatory developments like custom basket approval offer further flexibility for these investment vehicles, helping to build interest and opportunity for active managers around the globe.

As this year progresses, we’re closely watching trends like digital assets and ESG, both of which remain poised to be major drivers of investment decisions. Fortunately, we’ll have industry leaders join us to discuss these topics and more during the upcoming NYSE ETF Summit on April 27, so be sure to register and join us live.

For more industry updates and insights, I’m pleased to share our Q1 2021 report here.

Source: NYSE

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