Aequitas Launches Access Solution for Managed Funds

TORONTO  – Aequitas Technology Services Inc. (Aequitas Connect), the innovation hub of Aequitas Innovations Inc. (Aequitas Innovations) today announced that Invesco Canada (Invesco) has signed up for its fund technology platform, Aequitas PTF ConnectTM. Having successfully completed live testing with all participating service providers, Invesco’s full range of Platform Traded FundsTM (PTFsTM) are now available for trading.

PTFs offer all Canadian investors lower cost actively-managed mutual funds, with savings of up to 35% and no minimum investment requirements. PTFs are hassle free, removing the need to identify eligible investors and avoiding the administration of on-going switch transactions and management fee rebates. Aequitas PTF Connect is an industry shared service available to mutual fund companies and dealers in Canada, enabling mutual funds to trade and settle like exchange traded funds (ETF). Investment advisors simply enter the unique ticker symbol and number of units they wish to order through their existing infrastructure.

In addition to Invesco, Aequitas Connect continues to onboard fund companies and dealers, including a number of carrying brokers. “With this announcement we celebrate another important milestone in our efforts to meet the needs of Canada’s capital markets. PTFsTM are a real game changer for the Canadian mutual fund industry, providing an agile solution to adapt to industry trends,” stated Karl Ottywill, Chief Operating Officer, Aequitas Technology Services Inc. “With our innovative technology in place, Aequitas Connect is extremely proud to work with fund companies and dealers leading the way in making actively-managed mutual funds available to all investment advisors and their clients in a low cost, highly efficient manner.”

“We are thrilled to see Aequitas Connect responding to the needs of all Canadian investors while addressing a number of industry challenges.” says Peter Intraligi, President, Invesco Canada. “We congratulate them on this very important achievement and we are excited to be live on their platform.”

Transacting on Aequitas PTF Connect is free to dealers and is available to both discretionary and nondiscretionary investment advisors. Participating fund companies receive a detailed playbook to implement and support PTFsTM. About Aequitas Technology Services Inc. Aequitas Technology Services Inc. (Aequitas Connect) is the innovation hub of its parent, Aequitas Innovations Inc.

(Aequitas Innovations). Aequitas Connect has built Aequitas PTF Connect™ and is also developing a pioneering new approach to market data. Aequitas Technology Services Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aequitas Innovations Inc., a company founded by a diverse group of prominent investors representative of all Canadian capital market stakeholders. For more information, please visit: www.aequitasinnovations.com

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