AllianceBernstein Adds Glue42 to Improve Trading Process

Shanny Basar
AllianceBernstein Adds Glue42 to Improve Trading Process

Glue42, the company that delivers integrated desktop experiences to financial institutions globally, has added leading research and global investment firm AllianceBernstein (AB) to its client roster helping traders gain better insights more efficiently, improving traders’ experience, and optimizing their productivity.

As a global asset manager, AB embraces innovation and as such recognized the importance of improving the trader experience and productivity. As the engineering team was transitioning from Windows desktop apps to web apps, screen fatigue from having to use and load multiple screens to find different apps was exacerbating this challenge and creating more UI complications.

The firm engaged Glue42 to support and organize its trader interface into a collection of micro applications that form a cohesive workflow. As part of this approach, AB’s engineers will be able to build a framework that integrates and delivers apps in a timely manner and pushes new features to its traders daily – without disruption to the business. Traders will have access to one workspace with multiple ‘virtual desks’ living side-by-side, reducing the number of screens needed to monitor apps and review orders.

So far, AB traders in both Nashville and New York offices are now using Glue42 and have access to event-driven desktop, i.e., a workspace in which important information is pushed to traders in real-time without them having to load or monitor the systems directly.

“The initial rollout has already demonstrated tremendous efficiency gains,” said Tim Morbelli, Senior Vice President, Head of Emerging Markets and Municipal Trading, AllianceBernstein. “The Glue42 platform has taken the complexity out of integrating desktop, web, and third-party apps, giving flexibility to our engineers and quality assurances team as to how we develop, test, and distribute our applications, all while providing a cohesive experience regardless of who developed the app.”

“More so, we can now push notifications to traders without a specific app having to be present on their desktop, which allows them to focus better on execution,” he added. “Our traders review on average 3,000 orders a day – so being able to focus on the job rather than the systems quickly becomes a competitive advantage. It’s a great example of how technology is helping us address resourcing and improve their experience and productivity.”

James Wooster, COO, Glue42 said, “AllianceBernstein, like other tech savvy operations, is moving from a passive desktop in which traders need to constantly monitor data feeds to one which is more event driven. This brings a new level of intelligence to the financial services desktop and gives clear benefits for those organizations willing to push beyond basic desktop interop.”

Tax traders and portfolio managers are next in line to utilize Glue42. In addition, AB is testing more uses cases as it gathers feedback from its municipal trading team.

Source: Glue42

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