AQSE Expands Research For Its Top-Tier Stocks

Research Platform Launches Ahead of MiFID II

AQSE adds quantitative research by Fregnan for Apex stocks and enters partnership with Research Tree to provide portal for existing fundamental research on Apex stocks

 Aquis Exchange , the exchange services group, is pleased to announce that its equities listing division Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) has entered into arrangements with Fregnan Ltd and Research Tree Ltd. to produce and publish research on AQSE’s top-tier Apex stocks.

AQSE recognises that research is a very important component of the decision-making process around the purchase and sale of stocks. In recent years, research has been declining, particularly in small and mid-cap stocks. At the time of its acquisition of AQSE, Aquis stated that one of its aims for the new business was to address this lack of research. Today’s announcement is a great step forward in the fulfilment of that undertaking, as every Apex stock will now have quantitative research, provided by Fregnan, available for free on it through the AQSE website. In addition, any existing fundamental research on Apex stocks will also be available through the new, dedicated, Research Tree portal.

Fregnan produces high quality, unbiased financial analysis and models through automation at scale. It uses advances machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring unique insights that traditional techniques do not uncover. Research Tree is an independent company, which provides investors with up-to-date and historical professional equity research and stock reports from a variety of brokers and research houses.

Since Aquis acquired AQSE (previously known as NEX Exchange Ltd and owned by CME Inc.) in March 2020, a major transformation of the business has been underway. At the time of the acquisition, Aquis said it would look to make three major changes to the business: increase institutional and retail investment into AQSE, raise standards and boost liquidity. In the last year, it has introduced segmentation by dividing the Growth Market into the Apex and Access sections and raised standards by introducing its Growth Prospectus for Apex stocks and compelling companies to sign up to a reputable corporate governance code. It has also introduced a short selling ban to protect businesses and long-term investors, as well as a market-maker scheme that has narrowed spreads and increased liquidity. Further, the Company has installed its proprietary state-of-art technology and is working with the top on-line private client brokers to improve their electronic connectivity to AQSE.

 Commenting on the deal, Aquis Exchange CEO Alasdair Haynes said:

“The plans we are unveiling today for expanding the research provided on AQSE-quoted stocks fulfils yet another of the promises we made when we bought this business and takes us further along the journey of making AQSE into the most appropriate and best home for growth companies. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with both Fregnan and Research Tree.”

Fregnan CEO and co-Founder, Vince Julier, added:

“This collaboration highlights the power of bringing together two technologically-driven companies to transform the process of valuing a company and generating new insights to the benefit of market participants. We are thrilled that our collaboration with AQSE, with their focus on growth companies, further highlights the critical role that the technology, particularly advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, is now playing in investment analysis, research or stock selection.”

Research Tree’s CEO and co-Founder, Rob Mundy, said:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with AQSE. This agreement is welcome recognition that our current offering and future product pipeline adds good value to all stakeholders. At Research Tree our primary focus is to help markets operate more efficiently by better connecting investors, quoted companies, research providers and stock exchanges. Our growing provision of research, events and infrastructure therefore aligns perfectly with AQSE and its exciting future plans.”

Source: Aquis

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