Aquis Consults On Growth Market

Aquis Exchange PLC – the listed exchange services group – has issued a consultation paper setting out a number of innovative proposals as to how it will transform what was formerly NEX Exchange (acquired in March, now ‘Aquis Stock Exchange’).

Aquis Stock Exchange intends to develop its market into a future-facing home for quality growth businesses, improving the SME sector of public markets on behalf of all participants.

Key proposals include:

Greater inclusivity for retail investors: Some companies will publish a Growth Prospectus, allowing retail participation in small-mid cap IPOs

Opportunity for greater liquidity: Some companies will need to have no fewer than 25 shareholders & maintain 35% or more of their securities in public hands

Ban on short selling: Potential introduction of rules to prohibit or restrict short selling in some circumstances

We very much look forward to receiving your comments and to developing this market into a future facing home for quality growth businesses.

We ask that responses are directed to AQSEBusinessDevelopment@aquis.eu by no later than 15 June 2020.

Source: Aquis

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