Aquis Exchange Takes Over UBS MTF


Aquis Exchange, the pan-European large and mid-cap equities trading arm of Aquis Exchange PLC, announces that it will assume the business activities of UBS MTF, the non-displayed matching pool of UBS MTF Limited (a subsidiary of UBS AG), subject to regulatory approval and completion.

From a Member perspective, the shift in ownership is planned to be seamless with no disruption to the service as there will be no immediate regulatory or technical changes necessary. Clients, including UBS, will continue to benefit from an efficient, cost-effective marketplace with significant liquidity.

Once the transfer is complete, the venue will be known as Aquis Matching Pool (AMP).

This transfer forms part of the planned 2022 financial targets for AQXE and is anticipated to have a relatively small positive impact on AQXE results during 2022.

Source: Aquis

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