Ascendant Partners with ipushpull for Post-Trade Workflow

The live data-sharing and real-time workflow automation platform ipushpull, is delighted to announce a partnership that brings together the award-winning ipushpull platform with the post-trade expertise and delivery capability of Ascendant Strategy.

The partnership between ipushpull and Ascendant Strategy brings significant value to capital markets post-trade functions who want to enhance live data sharing and automation capabilities across departments and organisations, eliminating the domain of email-attached spreadsheets. Solutions that combine the flexible technical capabilities of the ipushpull platform and Ascendant Strategy’s expertise in transforming post-trade processes can massively simplify, automate and de-risk these challenges. Furthermore, these solutions can be implemented quickly and without painful modifications to core IT processing platforms.

Matthew Cheung, CEO of ipushpull, comments: “From delivering large scale middle and back-office digital transformations in global banks to creating workflow applications, Ascendant are market leaders within post-trade infrastructure transformation. Together we are creating digital solutions for middle and back offices to replace spreadsheet-based email workflows with real-time, interoperable data sharing.”

Alastair Rutherford, Managing Director at Ascendant Strategy, comments: “We believe that the successful transformation of post-trade architecture within capital markets firms has to incorporate blending of old technology with the new. ipushpull’s software is well-positioned to support organisations on this transformational journey, deploying impactful digital solutions easily into architectures to augment rather than replace legacy architecture.”

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