BATS Global Markets Reports October Volume; Sets Monthly U.S. Equities Market Share Record With 13%


KANSAS CITY, Mo., and LONDON, Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — BATS Global Markets (BATS), a leading operator of securities markets in the U.S. and Europe, today reported October U.S. equities market share of 13.0%, a new record for the company. In Europe, BATS Chi-X Europe reported market share of 24.8%, maintaining its position as the largest equity market in Europe during 2012.

Joe Ratterman, president and chief executive, commented: “I am excited about the strong performance across all of our markets, particularly in U.S. equities where in October we surpassed 13% market share for the first time in our seven-year history. We attribute our continued market share growth to our strong market quality, price improvement metrics, and diverse membership base, which we believe are vital to a growing and healthy marketplace.

“In Europe, BATS Chi-X Europe is bringing new products and services to market participants, most recently with a new market data license covering our European trade data for use in real-time index calculations. The introduction of this new license highlights an information gap in the European markets where exchange-owned benchmarks do not yet include our price informing data.

Incorporating our trade data in Europe’s major benchmarks will produce a more complete picture of today’s market in which significant amount of intraday trading occurs on BATS Chi-X Europe.

“We’re also pleased to be expanding the accessibility of our risk management tools to our customers in the U.S. and Europe, enabling our customers to more effectively mitigate risk with a simple, secure Web interface. We also remain engaged with the industry in the U.S. and Europe on the potential development of exchange-specific or market-wide risk controls that could improve the functioning and investor confidence of our markets,” he concluded.

BATS operates two stock exchanges in the U.S. – the BATS BZX Exchange and BATS BYX Exchange (the BATS Exchanges); BATS Options, a U.S. equity options market; and BATS Chi-X Europe, which runs an FSA-authorized multilateral trading facility.

October 2012 Volume and Market Share Summary U.S. Equities – The BATS Exchanges (BZX Exchange and BYX Exchange) Matched Market Share: 13.0% Average Daily Matched Volume: 794.6 million shares U.S. Equity Options – BATS Options Matched Market Share: 3.6% Average Daily Matched Volume: 535,288 contracts European Equities – BATS Chi-X Europe Overall European Market Share: 24.8% Combined Total Notional Value Traded: EUR 160.2 billion Combined Average Daily Notional Value: EUR 6.9 billion Volume and Market Share Statistics by Market – U.S. Equities, U.S. Equity Options, European Equities A complete breakdown of October volume and market share for each market center is outlined below. To track U.S. and Europe market share for all major trading exchanges and other venues, please visit:

U.S. Equities (The BATS Exchanges) October 2012 October 2011 The BATS Exchanges (BZX & BYX combined) (In millions, except percentages; volume and notional figures exclude odd-lots) Average daily matched volume 794.6 1,044.6 Total notional value traded for the month $562,956.3 $727,765.7 Market share percentage (for the period): Overall matched market share 13.0% 12.1% Tape A 12.1% 10.2% Tape B 15.2% 15.9% Tape C 13.7% 13.3% Volume By Exchange: BZX Exchange: Average daily matched volume 586.1 844.6 Total notional value traded for the month $433,304.9 $606,490.8 Market share percentage (for the period): Overall matched market share 9.6% 9.8% Tape A 8.4% 7.8% Tape B 12.4% 13.7% Tape C 10.4% 11.0% BYX Exchange: Average daily matched volume 208.6 200.0 Total notional value traded for the month $129,651.4 $121,274.9 Market share percentage (for the period): Overall matched market share 3.4% 2.3% Tape A 3.7% 2.4% Tape B 2.8% 2.2% Tape C 3.3% 2.3% BATS 1000 Index 15,880.03 14,270.67 (a broad based U.S. equities market benchmark) (10/13/12 close) (10/13/11 close) U.S. Equity Options (BATS Options) October 2012 October 2011 Contracts Market share Contracts Market share Average daily matched volume 535,288 3.6% 650,680 3.6% European Equities3 (BATS Chi-X Europe) October 2012 October 2011 (In millions, except percentage) Total notional value EUR 160,184.9 EUR 190,558.0 Average daily notional value EUR 6,964.6 EUR 9,074.2 Displayed average daily notional value EUR 6,503.0 EUR 8,640.4 Non-displayed4 average daily notional value EUR 461.6 EUR 433.8 Overall European market share 24.8% 25.0% European Equities3 (continued) Market share by market (for the period): October 2012 October 2011 London market overall 28.4% 33.8% FTSE 100 securities 31.6% 38.9% FTSE 250 securities 27.4% 27.4% Paris market overall 25.5% 26.2% CAC 40 securities 26.9% 28.2% CAC Next20 securities 25.5% 24.3% Frankfurt market overall 27.2% 26.6% DAX 30 securities 27.9% 28.6% MDAX securities 30.0% 25.1% Amsterdam market overall 27.4% 29.0% AEX securities 27.7% 29.9% AMX securities 22.5% 16.7% Brussels market overall 23.9% 22.9% BEL 20 securities 24.6% 26.3% Milan market overall 13.2% 14.8% FTSE MIB securities 13.9% 15.3% Zurich market overall 25.0% 24.2% SMI securities 26.7% 25.9% SMIM securities 18.0% 14.6% Nordic market overall 26.3% 19.6% Helsinki OMXH25 securities 27.1% 21.8% Stockholm OMXS30 securities 29.3% 23.4% Copenhagen OMXC20 securities 24.3% 17.9% Oslo OBX securities 21.8% 14.8% Vienna market overall 18.5% 13.2% ATX securities 18.9% 13.3% Lisbon market overall 15.5% 16.0% PSI-20 securities 15.6% 16.1% Dublin market overall 6.7% 2.6% ISEQ 20 securities 6.7% 2.7% Madrid market overall 3.6% 1.5% IBEX 35 securities 3.7% 1.5% Key Indices EUROSTOXX 50 securities 22.9% 23.7% 3 Figures represent consolidated figures for BATS Europe (BXE) and Chi-X Europe (CXE) lit and dark books, unless otherwise noted. All 2011 figures are on a pro forma basis.

4BXE and CXE non-displayed order books.

About BATS Global Markets, Inc.BATS Global Markets, Inc. (BATS) is a leading operator of securities markets in the U.S. and Europe. BATS develops and operates electronic markets for the trading of listed cash equity securities in the U.S. and Europe and listed equity options in the U.S. BATS operates two stock exchanges in the U.S., the BATS BZX Exchange and BYX Exchange; BATS Options, a U.S. equity options market; and BATS Chi-X Europe, which operates a FSA-authorized multilateral trading facility. BATS’ innovative and proprietary technology was developed by a dedicated core team of market and technology professionals, catering to the needs of the broker-dealer and trading community.

The company is headquartered in the Kansas City, Mo. area, with additional offices in New York and London. For more information, visit


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