Bespoke of the Month: BITE Beauty Lab


At first sight of crows feet or laugh lines, our minds go into a frenzy. We buy anti-aging face, neck, and eye creams and apply them regularly to avoid falling victim to the ever-ticking hands of time. But what about when gravity starts taking its toll on other, unexpected areas, like our lips? That’s where BITE Beauty comes in, with their collection of lip products combining captivating colors, powerful antioxidants, and made from natural and food grade ingredients. The lipsticks provide age-defying results so we don’t have to worry about one of our most enticing facial features going south. Each BITE lipstick is made with Resveratrol–an antioxidant found in red wine–to deliver the health-boosting equivalent of 5 glasses of red wine to our lips!

Susanne Langmuir, founder and CEO of BITE Beauty, explains that “lipstick has always been [my] go to essential – the power of the perfect red to instantly transform your look to polished and pretty, even with a ponytail and no make-up.” With the idea that “we eat what we put on our mouths” Susanne knew she had to use all natural ingredients to create her lipsticks. Being mindful that not all women favor the same color reds and pinks, she had to come up with an inventive way to give the BITE Beauty woman the perfect lipstick match. That’s when she developed the BITE Beauty Lab in Soho.

BITE Beauty Lab

At the BITE Beauty Lab, women get to enjoy a 7 minute custom-lipstick experience. First, you are given a consultation, where you explain to the BITE Beauty experts the color that you like. They mix together color combinations that will fit the shade you described and test them out on your lips to see if you like the pigment. Next, the mixture is melted and then mixed in a centrifuge and chilled to -20 degrees. Susanne says “their patent-pending process uses lipsticks in the shape of chocolates, and the process gives them complete customization with a reliable formulation to produce gorgeously pigment-rich and moisturizing lipsticks.”

BITE Beauty Lab

The lipsticks are created using a formulation that combines organic oils such as Jojoba, Argan and Caster Seed with natural waxes including Beeswax and Olive Wax. High impact pigments are triple milled to achieve the ideal creamy texture and hydrating finish. They are then infused with a flavor of your choice, including cherry, mint or berry and are finished in either matte or sheer. After the lipstick is created, you are given a card with your exact color mixture for future reference.

Lipstick Reveal

With red being a popular color, Susanne says she is finding that a lot of women are searching for their perfect shade. She explains how red is not a one-size-fits-all color, and some women have trouble finding the right red to fit their skin tone. Rather than searching cosmetic stores for the perfect red, you can easily create the combination that you love. Susanne believes that you should “wear what you love, and colors that inspire you, and don’t worry about what is best for your skin tone. Just like shopping for clothing and a fragrance, in the end, you know when you’ve found your perfect match.”

BITE inspires women to show off their creativity and love for fashion and beauty. By mixing together the perfect color combinations, BITE Beauty women can create the best shades for the mood they’re in. Susanne gets inspiration for her lipstick colors from clothing, textures, and even the color of the maple leaves changing in the fall. “I don’t look so much at what others are doing, but with new things I come across that stand out. At the end of the day, it’s really more about an instinct than a reference that already exists” Susanne tells us. Offering all things lip -lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, lip brushes, etc- BITE Beauty can assure you that you’ll have a kissable, younger looking pout with each application.

The BITE lipstick lines were created to enhance natural beauty, not to cover it up. To experience the fun in enhancing your natural beauty, head over to the BITE Beauty Lab at 174 Prince Street in SoHo, or read their blog to learn about the lipstick color trends. Their exclusive line of BITE Beauty Lipsticks are sold in select Sephora stores, and on www.sephora.com.

Image via Bite Beauty

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