Best New Product: IPC Agility

Best New Product: IPC Agility

IPC Agility won Best New Product at the 2021 Markets Choice Awards. Markets Media caught up with Tim Carmody, Chief Technology Officer at IPC, to learn more.

What is your reaction to IPC Agility winning Best New Product in the 2021 Markets Choice Awards?

Tim Carmody, IPC

It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award for a technology that we believe facilitates technology adoption and transformative to the industry. IPC Agility was carefully designed to enable services and paradigms that improve the financial markets and trading communications. The entire team at IPC across the globe is thrilled to be recognized and I am humbled to accept it on the behalf of so many who worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality.

Please describe what the IPC Agility is all about — what are the primary capabilities and how is it unique?

IPC Agility is a transformational solution working in concert with IPC’s award-winning Unigy® & Connexus® platforms. IPC Agility is an application platform for tools and applications developed by IPC, partners, or customers. This facilitates digital transformation in high- and low-touch trading, accelerates innovation and technology adoption, empowers interoperability and complex collaboration, and creates efficiency at scale in a rapidly evolving market.

IPC is leveraging Agility in a number of areas to speed up the pace of development and adoption.  This includes advanced analytics, CRM integration, partner solutions and technologies such as AI, NLP and transcription as well as our updated Unigy Soft Client. And IPC Agility can be deployed On Premise or as part of our Connexus Unigy private cloud SaaS service, or in Hybrid models.

How did IPC Agility come about, ie what gap in the marketplace does it aim to fill?

Agility is the direct result of IPC’s continued “API First” vision and open-platform philosophy in building products that drive efficiencies and enable new paradigms. Development teams will be empowered to work in parallel across containerized applications, reducing costs and shortening the application development and deployment life cycles.

What have been the main accomplishments/milestones for IPC Agility since its launch? 

IPC Agility builds on the success of Connexus Labs to incubate solutions by incorporating multiple state-of-the-art technologies that simplify and optimize deployment of applications over the IPC trading and communications ecosystem.  IPC Agility’s “Unified Services Platform,” powered by VMware Virtual Machines and Kubernetes Containers, ensures that tools and applications on IPC’s network are deployed in the most flexible and optimized manner available.

Because it’s supported by Connexus Cloud, IPC Agility can also enable services across IPC’s wide ecosystem of partners and expansive community. Benefits include the quicker adoption of new technologies and tools, as IPC Agility decouples users from Unigy product releases, so customers can more rapidly and safely adopt complementary solutions and tools. IPC Agility also streamlines deployment with minimized risk.

What does the future hold for IPC Agility?

As an organization, we are embracing open-platform methodologies to encourage more aggressive adoption of new technologies on our worldwide ecosystem, which is exactly what modern traders need. This technology will open doors for traders, allowing them to be efficient in their daily operations, thereby fueling a more productive industry.

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