big xyt Launches Consolidated View


big xyt responds to the market’s need for a Consolidated View


Independent reference of market share, liquidity and trends now available for Equities and ETFs


London, Frankfurt, 21 June 2019. big xyt, an independent provider of high-volume market data analytics, is pleased to announce the launch of Consolidated View, an extension of the market analysis metrics available to all members of the investment community from the Liquidity Cockpit platform and 250dayswebsite dashboard. The new views allow access to a standardised independent view of the trading activity across the equity and ETF trading landscape in Europe.


big xyt clients, including multiple global exchanges and investment banks, have increasingly been using detailed information and analytics from the Liquidity Cockpit as a reference to validate their trading performance to their clients. By allowing complimentary access via 250days.com to the aggregated data for single stocks, regions and indices, this new initiative delivers independent aggregated information, adding a much-needed layer of efficiency and transparency to the market.


250days has been highly successful in demonstrating how market liquidity at primary European Exchanges, MTFs and off-exchange volumes including SIs, changed during 2018 following the introduction of MiFIDII. This extension of the data set and the metrics available will enable users, whether they are buy or sell side, exchanges, regulators, analysts or media, to access a range of metrics via interactive dashboards.


Through the Consolidated View users are able to observe changes in displayed liquidity, dark pools, Systematic Internalisers, periodic auctions, opening and closing auctions. Visible metrics include value traded, market share, spreads, effective spreads and price movement.


Mark Montgomery, Head of Strategy and Business Development at big XYT, said “As trusted, independent, providers of consolidated views on European trading for equities and ETFs, we have seen an ever-increasing demand from the buy-side for more transparency in this dynamic landscape including SIs, RFQs and frequent batch auctions.”


Robin Mess, CEO at big xyt, added, “By enhancing our 250days GUI to include current data, adding to the metrics available and allowing users to filter the information they require, we are delivering on this need. Our Consolidated View allows all market participants to compare performance to their peers and trade execution providers and to further analyse the consequences of market structure changes.”


big xyt solutions capture, normalise, collate, and store trade data at maximum available granularity. By using the big xyt Liquidity Cockpit dashboard, users are able to monitor market information and to interrogate the data further. By integrating it with their own trading information, through Liquidity Cockpit they are able to validate venue quality to inform trading decisions and ensure best execution.

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