BKCM Promotes AQR and ex-Goldman Traders

BKCM LLC announced today that Derek Kim and Kevin Lu have been named Head of Research and Head of Systematic Strategies, respectively. BKCM is an independent investment firm specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused investment opportunity.

“Crypto-blockchain technologies are an emerging global asset class that demands a combination of deep insight and strong execution—Derek and Kevin bring both,” said Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of the firm. “They are both multi-disciplined, adept at systematic investing, research and trading, and they are committed entrepreneurs. Everything a firm needs to be successful in this space.”

Derek Kim, Head of Research, has extensive experience in investment analysis, start-up entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency trading. He leads the firm’s primary research and trading for the top 100 tokens by market capitalization. Prior to joining BKCM, Derek launched the Northeast operations for Ritual Technologies, a Series C company with over $110mn in total funding to date. Before his time at Ritual, Derek spent three years at Goldman Sachs, in both their London and New York offices, as an analyst focused on opportunistic and hedge fund strategies. He is also a fluent Korean speaker with venture investing and hedge fund experience in Silicon Valley.

Kevin Lu is a researcher and trader, who was previously at AQR, one of the world’s premier quantitative investing firms. Currently, Kevin develops stand-alone systematic trading strategies and provides quantitative analytics to assist BKCM’s discretionary trading team. At AQR, his quant work supported both the equity and credit teams. Prior to that, he worked on quantitative alpha equity strategies and smart tax-aware passive strategies at Goldman Sachs, and on equity statistical arbitrage at Cubist Systematic Strategies.

As the cryptocurrency and blockchain space continues its rapid growth and evolution, BKCM believes that these promotions ideally position the firm for a growing leadership role in both retail and hedge fund management.

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