Bloomberg Launches US Multi-Asset Indices

Bloomberg Launches US Multi-Asset Indices

The new index suite is designed to provide broad measures of cross-asset market performance in the US

New York – Bloomberg today announced the launch of the Bloomberg US Multi-Asset Indices, which are comprised of Bloomberg indices across major asset classes with each index constructed as a composite of at least one fixed income and one equity index.

The suite is designed to address investor demand for a centralized multi-asset index suite, with products that can be formally benchmarked, as the investing strategy continues to gain momentum.

“We’ve seen the growing appetite for multi-asset offerings in the market and wanted to provide investors with a thoughtful and innovative solution, utilizing Bloomberg’s existing index offerings,” says Dave Gedeon, Global Head of Equity and Strategy Indices at Bloomberg. “By incorporating our unique internal data, pricing, analytics, distribution and research offerings, the Bloomberg US Multi-Asset Indices provide clients with a new benchmark family to meet their evolving investment needs.”

Building on Bloomberg’s single asset indices as the foundation, the suite of 10 indices features fixed, market value and risk parity weighting schemes in order to provide various risk and return exposure. The weighting schemes include:

·         Fixed weight indices that are rebalanced to the respective target weights

·         Market value weights that are determined based on the published market value for the underlying indices on the weight determination date

·         Risk parity indices weights that determined with the aim of providing equal risk exposure to the two underlying indices. The risk measure used is one year daily exponentially weighted volatility

The US Multi-Asset Indices rebalances monthly on the first business day each month.

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