Bloomberg Rebrands Fixed Income Indices

Bloomberg Rebrands Fixed Income Indices

Bloomberg announced that the Bloomberg Barclays fixed income benchmark indices are rebranded as the “Bloomberg Fixed Income Indices” beginning August 24, 2021. This rebrand marks the end of the five-year transition period following Bloomberg’s acquisition of Barclays Risk Analytics and Index Solutions (BRAIS) in August of 2016.

The flagship fixed-income benchmarks including the U.S., Euro, Asia-Pacific, Global Aggregate, U.S. Municipals, High-Yield, Emerging Market, Inflation, and Convertible indices, are all included in this rebrand, as well as all bespoke and customized fixed income indices. This also includes the Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Indices, which are now known as the Bloomberg MSCI ESG Fixed Income Indices.

“We’re grateful for the continued support Barclays has provided us and our fixed income products since the acquisition five years ago,” said Steve Berkley, CEO of Bloomberg Index Services Limited (BISL). “Through the Bloomberg Fixed Income Indices, we will continue to enhance our index capabilities to evolve alongside the needs of our clients. We are also focused on innovation in the indices space across asset classes, including equities, broader multi-asset, ESG and thematic capabilities, to best serve our clients for their individualized goals.”

“The Bloomberg Fixed Income Indices have been continuously recognized in both the US and Europe as the most widely-used for close to 50 years,” says Jeff Meli, Global Head of Research at Barclays. “We are confident that Bloomberg will continue to provide comprehensive solutions on benchmarking needs for investors and clients around the world, including Barclays, where we are pleased to continue to use these indices in our Fixed Income Research.”

Since 1973, the Bloomberg Indices have been the most widely used indices for fixed income investors seeking objective, rules-based, and representative benchmarks to measure asset class risk and returns. Whether published under the banner of Kuhn Loeb, Lehman Brothers, Barclays or Bloomberg Barclays, these indices have provided investors with a wealth of market information. On August 24, 2016, Bloomberg acquired these assets from Barclays, with the agreement that they be co-branded for five years. As of today, the indices will be branded as the Bloomberg Fixed Income Indices.

Over the past five years, Bloomberg has continued to expand its indices business, launching into new asset classes such as equities, multi-asset, ESG and crypto to continue evolving and adapting to client needs. Bloomberg provides an independent, transparent approach to indexing for global customers across core asset classes.  Bloomberg also offers an array of services to clients interested in custom index development, investable index products, index administration and calculation agent services.

Source: Bloomberg

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