BNP Paribas Asset Management Purchases Robo-Advisor


BNP Paribas Asset Management is adding digital-advisory services to support and enhance the digitalization of its distributors through the acquisition of a majority stake in Gambit Financial Solutions, in line with its objective to further expand its innovative offerings.

Gambit, a well-established Belgian Fintech, has developed a unique capability to significantly transform client journeys with advisory-guided or fully autonomous interfaces. Gambit will maintain its independence, which has led to its success. It will extend its client footprint by becoming the preferred partner for robo-advisory solutions for BNP Paribas Group’s Retail and Wealth Management networks.

The digital revolution has transformed clients’ expectations with regard to discussing their financial savings plans with their investment advisors. This has led to a major rethink of the customer experience across all client segments and involves constantly adapting to clients’ changing needs. These requirements can now be addressed by optimising the client experience using reliable, user-friendly and adaptable digital interfaces.

Launched in 2007 as a spin-off from HEC – University of Liege, Gambit has successfully developed its expertise in investment advisory solutions and in the digitalization of customers’ engagement with financial institutions. Gambit has also recently launched Birdee, a proprietary B2C robo- advisor. These solutions, which have regulatory approval, are being rolled-out by a growing number of private and retail banks, asset managers and insurance companies in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland. With a team of more than 50, Gambit capitalizes on deep-rooted experience in innovative solutions, characterized by a strong educational and intuitive spirit, bringing science-augmented services to investors.

To enhance BNP Paribas’ client journeys, Gambit’s solutions will be leveraged within BNP Paribas’ Retail and Wealth Management networks. These solutions combine engaging advisory-guided or fully autonomous interfaces with an efficient, scalable and modular framework that optimises the power of algorithms and the expertise of investment specialists.

“The partnership with one of the most advanced robo-advisory solutions available in the market is a key milestone in our digital transformation and marks our commitment to delivering quality investment solutions to our clients,” said Frédéric Janbon, CEO of BNP Paribas Asset Management. “Gambit and its management have built an impressive track record and a strong client base, and we are securing the talents that have driven its success. Moreover, we bring our asset management expertise and client knowledge to Gambit and this powerful combination will lead us to quickly move along the digital experience
curve in this field. This will significantly accelerate the pace of development and enrichment of our customer journey in the area of financial savings.”

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