Boutique Prime Broker Linear Investments to Use TFG Financial Systems for Real-Time Margin Reporting


Linear – LONDON – Linear Investments, the FCA-approved boutique prime broker, has appointed TFG Financial Systems for the provision of real-time margin reporting. In addition, TFG will be adding its trademark real-time portfolio analytics to the Linear offering. This will be extended to Linear’s hedge fund clients, enabling them to carry out sophisticated pre-deal margin and impact risk assessments.

Linear Investments has carved out a successful niche for itself as a specialist provider of prime broking services for the important sector of medium-sized hedge fund managers that are not being supported by larger prime brokers. This has been exacerbated by the impact of Basel III regulations on the major banks that traditionally provided prime services to funds.

“At Linear we have found there is tremendous value to be offered to funds in terms of proper trading and risk management systems,” says Andrew Herriot,  Head of Risk at Linear Investments. “TFG can offer both ourselves, and our clients, valuable end of day and real-time risk solutions. Smaller funds would not usually have access to systems of this level of sophistication, and we’re pleased to be able to bring them to our clients.”

Jim Rogers, COO of TFG Financial Systems, said: “The leading prime brokers are moving away from next day batch margin reporting to intra-day or real-time margin calculation and what-if analysis, allowing them to better manage their risk and better serve their clients. TFG is excited to be working with Linear to effect this state of the art change.”

TFG Financial Systems has been active in the hedge fund market for 10 years, developing market leading risk management systems with real-time and middle office features that are prized throughout the industry. The company has also started to work with banks, helping them to gauge their daily risk exposures on a real-time basis.

Linear Investments Ltd is a specialist prime broker and award winning hedge fund incubator based in London and Hamburg. Linear’s integrated platform solution brings together all the skills, expertise, and solutions hedge funds and brokerage clients need in one place. Linear specialises in tailoring an approach to significantly reduce setup costs and operational expenses – bringing clients to market faster and more efficiently. This is achieved through integrating core services: Prime Brokerage & Custody, Hedge Fund Hotel, Outsourced Trading, Capital Introduction, Regulatory Umbrella, DMA & Trading Desk Execution, and Middle & Back Office Support.


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