Ed Boyle Named CEO & Lisa Fall Named President

BOSTON, April 14, 2015 –BOX Options (BOX), the all-electronic equity options market, announced today that Ed Boyle has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and Lisa Fall has been named President.

“We are thrilled to appoint Ed as CEO of BOX Market and BOX Holdings,” said Peter Layton, Chairman. “He has demonstrated great vision and leadership during his tenure with BOX and will continue to use his experience and market vision to ensure that BOX is well positioned for the future.”

Boyle has been with BOX since 2012 in charge of business development and strategy and has more than 20 years of industry expertise. Boyle previously held key options leadership positions with TD Securities, LETCO Trading, Getco LLC, and NYSE Euronext (NYX).

“I am excited to continue working with Lisa as we strive to make BOX a success for years to come,” said Layton. “Her dedication to BOX and her knowledge of the industry makes her a crucial component of the future of BOX.”

Fall has helped guide BOX through periods of great growth and changes since 2006 and, in addition to taking on the role of President, will retain the titles of Chief Legal Officer and Secretary. Prior to joining BOX, Fall worked for Fidelity Investments in the areas of Trading, Legal, and Risk. She also is President of BOX’s SRO, BOX Options Exchange LLC.

“Lisa and I have worked closely since I arrived at BOX,” said Boyle. “Together with our staff, Board, and Participants we will continue to build on BOX’s success. BOX will become the industry leader in improving the quality of the options market by recognizing the value that liquidity providers play in healthy and robust markets.”

About BOX Options Exchange
BOX is an all-electronic equity options market that is jointly owned by the TMX Group and a group of broker dealers. BOX was established in 2002 and launched trading in February 2004 as an alternative to the then-existing market models. Since its inception, BOX has provided BOX Participants with an efficient, transparent marketplace, cutting-edge technology, and best price filtering for customer order execution.

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