Brenda Tsai On No Women At The Top


How does your early career compare to women in entry-level positions today?

I started out my career at Salomon Brothers on the fixed-income trading floor. It was the Wild Wild West where there was no such thing as being politically correct on the floor. People would call women “baby” or “honey” without repercussions and there were no women at the top.

Women would start out and they would not see anyone who could they could look up to as a female leader in the C-suite ranks or even in the mid-level ranks – not many at all. Today’s generation is entering a very very different workforce and I’m very very happy to say that we’ve made big strides in helping educate the workplace and the population in the workplace that diversity matters. Diversity is accretive to businesses and that there are ways to welcome and create a diverse welcoming environment for people entering into the workforce. So, we’ve come a long way but there still is another big bridge to cross. Now we understand the next phase is including women in bigger and bigger conversations and understanding the subconscious biases that hold us back. We need to create workplaces that are truly diverse. I look forward to that next generation entering the workforce and welcoming them into a space that is even more diverse and welcoming women into leadership.

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