Can you #DefineHFT? (Part II)


Our twitter poll seeking definitions of high-frequency trading continues to draw feedback, so we are publishing a second batch of responses. The first responses were published in the July-August issue and can be found  here

Rapid price manipulation which is intended to benefit the P/L of a strategy. Ex.) Quote Stuffing and Layering. #DefineHFT

— Cyborg Trading (@cyborgtrading)

HFT = Any of a number of automated strategies matched with low enough execution latency for achieving intra-day profits.

— Dan Pritchard (@danpritchard)

HFT is a relic of the supple- mentary liquidity program which was created to help keep the markets liquid during 08 turmoil
– E (@SellPuts)

– KTF (@fearlicious)

A trading strategy in which reaction time to market conditions is of the utmost importance
– OptionsCity (@OptionsCity)

HFT= the ability to tellyou it’s ok while stealing your wallet.

– James Burns (@jimmyhog)

#HFT is a group of servers running the cash register of a for-profit trading exchange

– ProtectAg Futures (@ProtectAG)

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