Cboe Europe Adds Three Markets

Cboe Europe, the region’s largest equities exchange operator, today announced it will expand its coverage to 18 markets across Europe with the planned launch of trading in Polish, Hungarian and Czech securities beginning 5th November 2018, pending regulatory review.

Cboe Europe plans to offer trading in the stocks that comprise the following indices:

·        WIG20 Index (Poland)

·        BUX Index (Hungary)

·        PX Index (Czech Republic)

Trading of these new securities will be available on the following Cboe Europe services: Cboe Europe lit order books (BXE and CXE), Periodic Auctions, Cboe LIS, and Exchange Trade Reports (ETR). Cboe Europe will not offer dark order book trading in these securities.

Mark Hemsley, President of Cboe Europe, commented: “We are delighted to expand our business and extend coverage to these new markets as we strive to simplify cross-border trading for the benefit of investors across Europe. Trading participants in these markets will benefit from increased choice and will have access to Cboe’s world-class technology, strong liquidity, and innovative trading solutions.”

Interoperable clearing, which allows market participants to select either EuroCCP, LCH.Clearnet or SIX x-clear as their Central Counterparty (CCP), is available for all trades done on these markets with the exception of Polish securities, which are available to be cleared on EuroCCP and LCH.Clearnet.

With the addition of these three new markets, more than 6,000 securities across 18 major markets will be available for trading on Cboe Europe.  Overall, Cboe Europe Equities has seen solid market share growth since MiFID II came into effect at the beginning of 2018 with overall pan-European market share reaching 23.8% in August.

Source: Cboe Europe

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