Cboe Global Markets, SBI Holdings Sign MoU

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Cboe Global Markets and SBI Holdings, Inc. Sign Memorandum of Understanding

CHICAGO – October 24, 2022  Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE), a leading provider of global market infrastructure and tradable products, and SBI Holdings, Inc. (“SBI”), a pioneer of internet financial services in Japan, today announced the companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) whereby they have agreed to discuss potential business collaboration opportunities in the areas of traditional and digital finance.

The MoU between Cboe and SBI lays the foundation for the potential exchange of resources and information with respect to pursuing cooperation and planned joint business initiatives between the two firms in equities, digital assets, and other financial products and services, subject to any applicable regulatory approvals. The MoU creates the opportunity for Cboe and its Japanese equities market, Cboe Japan (formerly Chi-X Japan), to potentially reach additional investors and expand its presence in the Asia Pacific financial markets, and for SBI to leverage Cboe’s expertise in equities and digital assets in an effort to expand its offering and global distribution network.

“Cboe is pleased to enter into this memorandum of understanding with SBI and we look forward to working together to leverage the expertise of our respective companies in mutually beneficial ways,” said Ed Tilly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cboe Global Markets. “SBI’s diverse business across financial services, including its leadership position in Japanese equities, will provide the opportunity for Cboe to expand our presence in the region, bringing innovative technology, products and services to even more investors. Further, our recent expansion into digital assets through Cboe Digital, a market and clearinghouse based on the exchange principles of transparency and regulatory compliance, supported by a network of intermediaries, providing client-driven solutions that help institutions fully embrace this emerging asset class, will provide SBI the opportunity to grow its global network for providing products and services in the digital asset space.”

Yoshitaka Kitao, Representative Director, Chairman, President and CEO of SBI Holdings stated, “I recognize that Cboe and SBI Group have a lot in common; both led the reform of the financial industry and have aggressively entered into the field of digital finance by utilizing cutting-edge technology. The chemistry between the two companies will bring about new waves of changes to the Japanese financial market and promote regulatory reforms in Japan that will benefit investors in Japan, especially, the retail investors, and ultimately contribute to solving the long-standing social issue of ‘shifting from savings to investment’.”

Headquartered in Tokyo, SBI has significantly grown its business as a pioneer of internet finance service in Japan through its financial services businesses that include brokerage, banking, insurance, and asset management. In the proprietary trading system (PTS) business, SBI has contributed to the establishment of a fair and stable trading market as the major shareholder of Japannext Co., Ltd., which is Japan’s largest proprietary trading business operator. Recently, SBI has begun proactively engaging in the expansion of its business in the field of digital finance through the use of distributed ledger technology such as security tokens and striving to create a global corridor that supports the consistent function of issuance, distribution, and custody for security tokens.

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