Cboe to Launch Real-Time Canadian Equities Market Data

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Cboe Global Markets, a leading provider of global market infrastructure and tradable products, announces the launch on September 12 of the Cboe One Canada Feed, a new real-time market data solution that provides high-quality Canadian equities reference quote and trade information.

Through a single consolidated feed, the Feed will offer a complete and comprehensive view into the Canadian market with coverage of all Canadian stocks and exchange-traded products.

The Cboe One Canada Feed is Cboe’s first Canadian data offering following the company’s recent expansion into the country with its acquisitions of NEO, a Toronto-based stock exchange operator, and MATCHNow, Canada’s largest equities alternative trading system (ATS). The new data offering unifies quote, trade, and volume data across four trading venues operated by NEO and MATCHNow, delivering cost-effective, high-quality market data through a single point of access. NEO and MATCHNow combined represent approximately 15 percent of the total equities market share in Canada1.

Significantly, the Feed will include unique coverage of more than 230 securities that are listed and traded exclusively on the NEO Exchange, and therefore not available through any other proprietary market data products. As Canada’s premier stock exchange for the innovation economy, the NEO Exchange is home to some of the most innovative companies in the technology, green energy, and biotech sectors.

“With the launch of the Cboe One Canada Feed, we are pleased to bring our product innovation, scale, and expertise to a new market and further expand our portfolio of market data solutions globally,” said Catherine Clay, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Data and Access Solutions at Cboe Global Markets. “The combination of NEO and MATCHNow data into one holistic solution will provide seamless and efficient access to data on all Canadian listed securities, bringing critical insights and transparency to enhance our customers’ trading experience.”

“From market data to trading to listings services, Cboe operates a comprehensive North American equities business to provide a seamless experience for our customers around the world,” said Adam Inzirillo, Senior Vice President and Head of North American Equities at Cboe Global Markets. “The launch of Cboe One Canada draws on the strength of our global transaction network and more broadly, reflects our position as a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technology to benefit Canadian equities markets and investors.”

The launch of the Cboe One Canada Feed complements Cboe’s existing offering of the Cboe One Feed, a comprehensive, real-time U.S. equities market data solution. The Canadian offering will be available alongside the U.S. offering under a single agreement with bundled pricing and a single technical specification, data policy, and reporting structure, providing customers with seamless and efficient access to North American equities market data via a one-stop shop.2

The Cboe One Canada Feed will be offered in two versions: Cboe One Canada Summary, which includes top and last sale data, and Cboe One Canada Premium, which includes top-of-book, last sale, and aggregated depth at price data.

The Cboe One Canada Feed will be made available on-premise in Cboe’s primary and secondary data centers in Secaucus, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois and in applicable Cboe Point of Presence (“PoP”) locations. In addition, the Feed will be available in multiple locations worldwide through Cboe Global Cloud, a cloud-based data streaming service, with various secure connectivity options. Cboe Global Cloud is available in regions globally including the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and with the launch of the Feed, the service will now be available in Canada.

Source: Cboe

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