CIARA Unleashes the Largest Portfolio of Extreme Low Latency HFT Servers at FIA 2016


CIARA – Chicago, Illinois – CIARA Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise servers and storage today announced the launch of their latest innovations in HFT architectures and technologies to be exhibited at FIA 2016, booth 204, at the HILTON CHICAGO.

CIARA is showcasing the ORION HF310-G3, a 1U highly overclocked server running on Intel® Core™ processors and their highly anticipated ORION HF620D-G3, a 2U 2-node dual processor system built with CIARA’s Turbo-Speed hardware acceleration technology. CIARA also announced support for the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2689v4 and Intel® Core™ i7 6950X (code name Broadwell-EP and Broadwell-E) across all ORION HF servers.

The ORION HF server line is designed for extreme low latency, high frequency and bandwidth. This server line combines a powerful set of features that enable financial services customers to implement a hardware-based solution where micro or nanoseconds are the measuring scales, without sacrificing enterprise-class quality, high density and energy savings maximization.

“With our new generation of high frequency/low latency servers, we are revolutionizing the way trading firms and banks can improve their tick-to-trade and maximize their colocation infrastructure” stated Patrick Scateni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CIARA. “The key to who wins and who loses is based on the latency between digesting the market feed and placing the order; those who move the fastest are the ones who will profit and in the world of speed and ultra-low latency CIARA is the undisputed champion”.

CIARA’s new ORION HF server line is unrivaled in the financial industry for the breadth and range of available configurations. Supporting the new Intel® Broadwell Processors family, the ORION HF’s are now up to 60% faster on demanding workloads. These new 1U and 2U/2 node platforms deliver unparalleled performance for HFT applications by accelerating processing power and tuning BIOS/firmware to attain up to 25% lower latency (500 ns faster than the competition’s 99% result) over competitive solutions while still maintaining high reliability as a primary design focus.

CIARA ORION HF-G3 Portfolio:

  • Intel® Core™ (single processor up to 10 cores) based systems
  • ORION HF310-G3 – 1U overclocked HF Server
  • ORION HF320-G3 – 2U overclocked HF Server
  • ORION HF320D-G3 – 2U 2-node overclocked HF Server (two independent hot-swap nodes)
  • ORION HF330-G3 – 3U expandable HF Server


  • Intel® Xeon® (dual processor 2600v4 up to 44 cores) based systems
  • ORION HF620-G3 – 2U overclocked (Turbo-Speed acceleration technology) HF Server
  • ORION HF620D-G3 – 2U 2-node (Turbo-Speed acceleration technology) HF Server (two independent hot-swap nodes)


Products ship with tool-less rapid rail technology, have the latest generation remote management tools, are Linux and Windows compatible and have a warranty model tailored for customers in the financial sector (24/7 support after trading hours and during weekends). Rack and Stack engineering and worldwide logistics services for rapid rollout of multi-site solutions is available through CIARA or one of their authorized resellers.



Founded in 1984, CIARA is a global technology provider that specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, integration and support of computer products.

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