Clearstream Partners on Digital Funds Selection

Clearstream Partners on Digital Funds Selection

Clearstream, Deutsche Börse’s post-trading service provider, and Quantalys Harvest Group, a reference fintech in the wealth management sector, have agreed on a cooperation to jointly offer digital solutions to perform funds selection and portfolio modelling. Clearstream will further expand its data, distribution, and execution services for wealth managers by integrating Quantalys Harvest Group’s portfolio modelling solutions via its Fund Centre platform.

Currently, wealth managers are struggling to provide a seamless process from funds selection and portfolio modelling to customer service, execution, and settlement for the target investment fund. The new services enabled by Quantalys Harvest Group and Clearstream will provide wealth managers with a digital front-to-back solution, allowing them to analyse market trends, select funds, create portfolios and execute investment decisions in a more efficient way. The solutions will be available via the Fund Centre platform or directly integrated into the wealth manager infrastructure.

Clearstream Fund Centre as one element of Clearstream Fund Services offers a full range of fund distribution support services for more than 350 fund distributors and more than 430 asset managers, covering over 76,000 funds. It also enables the exchange of data and information between distribution partners and fund providers. Further parts of the Clearstream Fund Services ecosystem are Vestima, Clearstream’s investment fund processing infrastructure, as well as the most recent addition Kneip as leading fund data solutions provider.

Vincent Weil, co-founder and Managing Director of Quantalys Harvest Group said: “Quantalys Harvest Group is proud to be a Clearstream digital partner and to offer its fund analysis and portfolio construction solutions to its clients. This partnership aims to provide an optimised and innovative user experience. This is another important step in Harvest Group’s development to support all financial professionals in Europe”.

Philippe Seyll, Chief Executive Officer of Clearstream Fund Centre S.A., said: “We are excited to cooperate with Quantalys Harvest Group for the wealth management industry. The partnership will allow us to expand our innovative product suite, integrating portfolio modelling capabilities into our ecosystem of partners which will complement our Vestima, Fund Centre and Kneip services. With this collaboration, Clearstream further enhances financial market efficiency by providing high-quality data, driving digital evolution and delivering ground-breaking services for market participants worldwide”.

Source: Clearstream

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