CME Launches E-Mini S&P Europe 350 ESG Index Futures

CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, announced it will launch E-mini S&P Europe 350 ESG Index futures, a targeted risk management tool to align with environmental, social and governance (ESG) values. Building on the company’s successful E-mini S&P 500 ESG Index futures contract, this new product will be available for trading on May 24, pending regulatory review.

“Interest in ESG strategies continues to increase as financial institutions incorporate sustainable investing objectives into their trading strategies,” said Tim McCourt, CME Group Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products. “Futures products can be an important part of the solution. This latest addition to our ESG offerings will allow market participants in this region to gain exposure to a European index based on a robust ESG methodology – all to meet their risk management needs.”

“S&P Dow Jones Indices is proud to be a part of the CME Group’s launch of E-Mini futures based on our S&P Europe 350 ESG Index. We are excited that the ecosystem of financial products linked to our ESG indices is growing and diversifying as more investors incorporate sustainability targets in their strategies,” said Reid Steadman, Global Head of ESG at S&P Dow Jones Indices. “CME Group’s E-mini S&P Europe 350 ESG Index Futures complements the successful launch in the U.S. in 2019 of E-Mini futures tied to our S&P 500 ESG Index, enabling us to bring ESG principles to a broader group of global market participants.”

The S&P Europe 350 ESG Index is a broad-based, market-cap weighted index that is designed to measure the performance of securities meeting sustainability criteria, while maintaining similar overall industry group weights as the S&P Europe 350. This index incorporates S&P DJI ESG Scoring.

E-mini S&P Europe 350 ESG Index futures will be cash-settled in EUR and will be subject to the rules and regulations of CME.

Source: CME

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