CME To Reopen Eurodollar Options Trading Pit


CME Group announced that it will reopen its Eurodollar options trading pit on August 10.  Over the next few weeks, the company will reconfigure the pit to meet social distancing standards and put additional safety measures in place.  All other open outcry trading pits will remain closed until the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois reach Phase 5 of their reopening plans.

Upon reopening, and before accessing the trading floor, all traders and their clerks will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging and accepting the inherent risk that COVID-19 presents in the open outcry environment.

Additional compliance requirements and procedures for accessing the trading floor will be forthcoming.

As the coronavirus crisis remains fluid, the company will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any changes as needed.

All products, including Eurodollar options, will continue to trade on CME Globex.

Source: CME Group

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