CNSX MARKETS INC. Successfully Completes “Project One” Upgrade, Simplifies Exchange Access, Reduces Costs for Dealers and Vendors


Move increases visibility and investor access for Canadian National Stock Exchange issuers
TORONTO – December 5, 2013 – CNSX Markets Inc., operator of the Canadian National Stock Exchange (“CNSX”) and Pure Trading, today announced the successful completion of its “Project One” initiative.  As a result of this effort, CNSX-listed symbols and stocks listed on other Canadian exchanges are now being traded on a single system at the exchange.  The move has a number of benefits for CNSX issuers, dealers and investors:

  • Consolidating trading and market information services on a single system reduces direct network and access costs for dealers and information providers by half.
  • CNSX issuers and investors benefit from the greater availability of the single system’s order entry and market data services.  Issuer data is more broadly available than before, with a much larger number of traders and investors able to access real-time market information.
  • The exchange reduces the complexity of change management and regulatory compliance for its partners and lower operating costs with a single trading and market information system.     

Richard Carleton, CEO of CNSX Markets Inc. explained “the number of trading venues in Canada continues to proliferate, leading to increases in technical and compliance costs for dealers, and investor confusion.  With a focus on lowering the cost of capital for entrepreneurs, we have chosen a different path.  By eliminating one of the trading environments operated by the exchange, we are reducing dealer costs and working to increase the visibility of our single platform.  Market data services and fees are also being streamlined effective January 1, 2014. With this project successfully achieved we will complete efforts with the trading community to reduce execution costs for dealers while introducing features designed to improve liquidity for investors.”

Key CNSX Markets facts:

  • CNSX Markets is a Canadian exchange with 182 equity issues, 18 debt instruments, and 7 structured products – recently surpassing 200 issues;
  • Junior mining exploration companies represent over 50% of the issuers listed by sector;
  • Companies in knowledge-based industries (IT, clean tech, and life sciences) now comprise nearly 20% of the equities on CNSX;
  • Simple, fixed listing fees: $12,500 for application and $500 per month;
  • The only Canadian exchange to offer real-time quotes on Google Finance.
  • The only Canadian exchange to offer a single trading venue for all securities listed in Canada.

To learn more, email CNSX Markets at info@cnsx.ca or visit www.cnsx.ca and on Twitter @CNSX_News

Richard Carleton
CEO, CNSX Markets Inc.

For information about listing on CNSX Markets Inc., contact:
Robert Cook
Senior Vice President, Market Development

For information about market data products and market access, contact:
Pina De Santis
Vice President, Corporate Development

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