Crossing the River From New York City to Suburbia


By Rupveen Arora (Mademoiselle Wanderlust), Head of Lifestyle

Reluctantly so, I have recently made the transition from my favorite city on the planet to Edgewater, NJ. It’s not exactly suburbia nor is it a hike away, however having lived in the city since I can remember, I have a feeling this new lovely town on the water with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline will have to fight for my love. Having always viewed NJ as the armpit of America (my family now lives here for proximity to the city as well), it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea people can refer to me as B & T (the dreadful Bridge and Tunnel). I am not a snob by any stretch of the imagination, however in this case, maybe just a little. Guilty.

The Lifestyle changes which need to occur are many but below I list just a few of the MANY I absolutely miss everyday from not being on that little slice of go-go life Island.

Space for Convenience

Closet Space

Photo by Rubbermaid Products/ Flickr

As long as I can remember, the space, particularly closet space is something I have dreamt of as I lie down to dreamland in the wee hours of the morning staring out across the Hudson at those homes that don closets bigger than my apartment. I’d convince myself that this is the best trade-off known to man. Stuffing my closets with my plethora of apparel, shoes and accessories was like stuffing an 8lb sausage into a 5lb bag. But hey, I was in the heart of the concrete jungle so who needed space? Who needed to have all her things not spread across her parent’s basement, her sister’s guest room closet or her dad’s warehouse?

Success in Edgewater: I now can see almost everything I Own. Under one roof.

24 hour Delivery

Food Delivery

Photo by Vetatur Fumare/Flickr

This is probably my hardest adjustment and it’s only been a week. The idea that you can have practically anything and everything delivered, short of a liver is more appealing to me than anything my mind can fathom.

Perhaps, that is a new business concept to think of, Concierge for delivery from That side to this side of the Hudson. I’m on it.

Success in Edgewater: Not in my lifetime.

Dining Options

  A plate of oysters and a glass of sauvignon blanc at The Oyster Bar in New York Grand Central Station.

Photo by Jeffrey Bary/Flickr

Continuing with the delivery option, the smorgasbord of cuisines in Manhattan is like no other. From fine dining, to street food. From bars with their amazing burgers to dives with pulled pork. From drinks, to boozy brunches, to cruises on the hudson on a private boat. From the best slice of pizza to Italian that literally tasted as though flown in from Puglia. From the sushi in hole-in-the walls to an ambiance of loud music, fusion flavors and cooky cocktails. To the best food I have ever had in under one ‘proverbial roof’, I will see you all the time, don’t fret.

Success in Edgewater: Not even close but many great places on the water to choose from to enjoy the views … during the summer.


Yellow Cab, NYC

Photo by Octagon/Wikimedia Commons

Yellow Taxi. Anytime. Anywhere. Enough said.

Success in Edgewater: Uber is now everywhere. (Albeit they haven’t a clue where they are going)


NYC offers culture on every street corner, building, museum, wine tasting, Wall street office, Department store, elevator, restaurant, Park, street fairs, you name it. Something about this city allows one to constantly absorb information. It’s sensory overload at times, at the speed in which you may witness beauty. All 5 senses are literally tickled all day, all night. A surprise lurking around every corner is what keeps this city as scintillating as ever.

Success in Edgewater: Work in Progress.

All in all, the ‘Other Side’ is not so bad, it simply will take getting used to in a more slowed down pace of living with not so much ‘noise’ incessantly circling you. Needless to say, a woman with space for her shoes, is a happy woman indeed.

Where would you love to live?

Feature image by Nico Vash/Dollar Photo Club

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