Daily Record For Eurex ESG Futures

Two months after its launch, liquidity in Eurex’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) segment deepens. On 17 April, 13,090 traded contracts flagged a daily record, exceeding the mark of 10,000 contracts for the first time. The new types of futures help market participants address the challenges and opportunities of ESG-driven asset management.

Since their launch on 18 February, almost 56,000 contracts have been traded in the newly introduced segment that applies Low Carbon, Climate Impact and Exclusion criteria in existing benchmark indices. Open Interest currently amounts to nearly 33,000 contracts. Five Market Makers have been actively providing screen prices for all three contracts.

In March, Eurex received approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to offer its ESG futures in the U.S. starting 8 April.

Source: Eurex

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