Deutsche Börse Increases Revenue


Deutsche Börse AG has published its release on the  business figures for Q4/2021 and the FY 2021 preliminary results.

Overview of the results:

  • Net revenue increased by 9 per cent to €3,510 million in spite of strong cyclical headwinds.
  • EBITDA also rose by 9 per cent to €2,043 million.
  • The guidance for 2021 was thus met in every respect.
  • The Group is well on track to achieve its mid-term targets defined in the Compass 2023 strategy.
  • Earnings per share went up by 12 per cent to €6.59.
  • The Executive Board is proposing to raise the dividend by 7 per cent to €3.20 per share.
  • For 2022 the Group is expecting net revenue to increase to around €3.8 billion, with EBITDA of around €2.2 billion.
  • The Group continues to focus on implementing its growth strategy Compass 2023, with an increasing importance of ESG activities in particular.

Further information

Source: Deutsche Börse

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