Deutsche Börse Launches A7 Analytics Platform

  • A7 is an addition to Deutsche Börse’s 7 Market Technology series
  • The new analytics platform offers direct access to high-quality market data from Eurex and Xetra, via the cloud
  • Flexible analytical tools allow clients to gain advanced market insights

Deutsche Börse has launched the online analytics platform A7. It offers access to both Eurex and Xetra order-by-order historical market data in nanosecond granularity within an easy-to-use environment, providing insights into market situations and microstructures. Direct access to advanced analytics based on Deutsche Börse’s most comprehensive market data supports clients in maximizing trading efficiency and alpha generation, and developing and testing execution algorithms, among other use cases.

“Our innovative A7 platform offers market participants nanosecond-precise market data without the burden of their own data warehousing. It provides access to tailored metrics based on full depth order books, market data messages, reference data and other individual sources. Clients can quickly grasp market situations, easily drill down into the market microstructure, and alter their own trading strategies accordingly. A7’s cost efficient and scalable functionalities support our customers in focusing on their core business activities while Deutsche Börse takes care of the ready-to-use service,” explains Alexandra Hachmeister, Head of Market Data + Services at Deutsche Börse.

A7 covers all Xetra and Eurex traded instruments, and the full content is available historically and updated daily for the previous trading day. A7 is a new member of Deutsche Börse’s 7 Market Technology. The 7 Market Technology series supports Deutsche Börse Group’s integrated business model and underscores its strategic IT objective to build and operate premium, innovative infrastructures.

Source: Deutsche Börse

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