Dion Global Solutions Delivers New Real Time Prices App For Chi-X Australia

Modovision – Dion (BSE: 526927), the financial technology firm for capital markets, has delivered a new market data app to Chi-X Australia.  The Chi-X real time prices app is the first application in Australia to deliver royalty-free, real-time market prices on Australian equities and Chi-X investment products straight to subscriber’s mobiles.

Chi-X Australia CEO John Fildes said the take-up of the app had been pleasing and hassle free, positioning Chi-X well for further product launches planned for later this year.  Among these slated launches is the innovative TraCRs product, which will enable Australians to invest in the top US stocks through an Australian exchange.

“Australian retail and smaller investors want and deserve the same rich and real time data that institutions are privy to,” he said. “Chi-X is the only exchange in this country that gives them this and we’ve had strong positive feedback.

“With our 42 trading participants and technology partners like Dion, Chi-X wants to make it easier and cheaper for all investors to trade and manage their portfolios, delivering them the best possible trading and information platform, and bringing new markets and diversification opportunities to Australian investors of all sizes,” John Fildes added.

Australia NZ Country Manager at Dion, Simon Smyth said the app had been built with the same technology approach and philosophy as Dion’s TCPro product launched earlier this year. “Both these projects were based in the idea that retail investors should have the same power over their portfolios as institutional traders do,” he said. “We refer to them as the ‘high frequency mums and dads’, those who take a lot of care in managing their own investments and want better tools to do so.”

“It’s been great working with Chi-X – their approach to innovating for Australian retail investors is similar to ours,” said Director Australia NZ at Dion, David Bowles. “There’s been a big lag between the technology and instruments available to Aussie investors and those available in other developed markets. But I’m pleased to see that changing and we’re certainly doing our bit to move that needle.”

The Chi-X Australia real time prices application is available from the Apple App store free of charge. Users only need to create a unique username and password to begin building their portfolio to track their investments in real-time. Subscribers will have access to the last traded price, accumulated volume and value, as well as the open, high, low and closing prices on each security streaming in real-time.

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