Easy-Access Regulatory Reference Library Launched by Alacra


Alacra – New York & London: Regulatory SaaS technology leader Opus announced today that Alacra, its KYC and reference data management platform, has published the most accessible reference tool available for keeping up to speed with the complex world of financial regulation, regulators and compliance. Alacra’s Periodic Table of Bank regulation & compliance enables market participants to make sense of this increasingly-complex world. The table, which is free, combines the simplicity of a click-and-show interface with the depth and breadth of information on all global compliance-related regulations. In addition to Bank regulation & compliance, Alacra’s family of Periodic Tables includes FATCA Acronyms and Entity Identifiers.

Steve Goldstein, vice chairman of Opus, says:  “Alacra’s success is based on the simple principle of presenting all the relevant, available information in the most accessible format. This is exactly what we did with our Periodic Tables. There is a profusion of regulations and regulatory bodies, and making sense of it all can be a real challenge. Our answer was to provide the marketplace with a tool which is accessible and very easy to use and which collates all the available information. We’ve put a lot of effort into researching and distilling the information and presenting it in a very compact, clear format.”

The Periodic Table of Bank Regulation and Compliance – to give the reference resource its full name – is now available online and lists all the current regulators along with an overview of their regulations, jurisdictions, links, intended function of the directive and the market sector(s) they affect. The Periodic Table is concise and visual, displaying acronyms and information on the most common regulations in banking with a single click.


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